Past Pages for Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014

140 Years Ago

Chinese New Year: The Appeal paid a visit to the famous Doctor Ah Kee and was received by him with stately politeness of the manners imparted by Confucius to the mandarins of old — and by them transmitted to all generations of good children of the sunny land of flowers. The Chinese New Year will be after Feb. 14.

130 Years Ago

Chinese New Year: The Chinese will keep the bombs popping for several days now and drink rice brandy all night. They are around making New Year’s gifts. The Appeal acknowledges the receipt of a box of choice tea and some mysterious confectionery from Wong Hop Fo, the man who killed Chong Fat in Bodie with a hatchet.

120 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Chas. Kelly, leading grocer, Arlington Blok — Pearl Oil ... $1.50 a can; 8 cans oysters ... $1.00; Soda Crackers ... 65 cents a box; finest butter ... 50 cents roll; our taste ham ...18 cents lb.; our taste bacon ...18 cents a lb.; 20 bars soap ... 50 cents — CASH!”

70 Years Ago

Residents warned: Residents of Ormsby County are warned to protect their domestic animals between Feb. 10 and March 15. Agents of the United States fish and wildlife service will trap and poison wild dogs and other predators in the county ...

50 Years Ago

Meet Your Neighbor: Sade J. Grant, also known as “The Spirit of Nevada Day,” has been part of Carson City since she was three years old. Sade’s father was constable in Carson City for 26 years, from the late 1880s until 1921. She received her early education in the South Ward school which later became the home of John Savage’s parents, and later attended classes in the Middle Ward school which is now the home of Judge Clark Guild. Since 1938 Sade has danced down Carson Street in her gay costumes. To sum it all up, Sade says, “I love Nevada.”

30 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Thomas Built Homes, quality affordable housing by Thomas & Sons Construction, Inc. — Unbelievable $32,500 (2 bedroom), $36,500-$54,560 (3 bedroom) — includes 30 inch electric range, dishwasher, shake roof, wood floors, forced air heating ...

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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