Letters to the editor for Saturday, June 14, 2014

President needs to be held accountable

President Obama has done it again. He has bypassed Congress and broken the law. He swapped five deadly terrorists for one American soldier who may be a deserter and Taliban sympathizer.

Obama did not really want Bergdahl back. He wanted five major Taliban terrorists back in the game. Bergdahl has been with the Taliban for five years, and Obama could not give Congress 30 days notice.

America, better wake up to what is going on with this administration.

Laurence C. Pederson

Carson City

Repeal medical marijuana law

Senate Bill 374 of 2013 medical marijuana needs to be repealed. It is nothing more than to make it legal for a drug addicted person to get the drug legally. It is a weed. That can cause lung cancer. Oh, by the way, Gov. Sandoval signed the bill into law.

Charles L. Sheldon



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