Letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sandoval, Heller should be ashamed of themselves

In early April, Gov. Sandoval and Sen. Heller couldn’t say enough good things in support of Cliven Bundy and the anti-government crowd that assembled at his ranch to confront federal officials who were enforcing the law. These gun-tot’n self-proclaimed militia were there in hopes of instigating a gun battle with federal law enforcement officers. Among the crowd were heavily armed Jared and Amanda Miller, well known anti-government white supremacists.

The Millers and their like-minded vigilantes were clearly ready with ample firepower to take on the federal government in its efforts to enforce the law. It is incomprehensible to me that two of the highest elected officials in our state, who were sworn to uphold the laws of our state and country, would support this lawlessness.

BLM officials made the right decision to stand down and avoid the battle and bloodshed that was a very real possibility. This decision was even more correct in light of what happened last weekend in Las Vegas when the Millers ambushed and murdered two police officers and a civilian. It’s not hard to see how the support Sandoval and Heller gave these white supremacists, which included the Millers, could lead to the murders in Las Vegas.

Our governor and junior senator should be ashamed of their role in supporting and enabling this type of evil to fester and explode in our great state.

Chuck Smith

Carson City

Innocent until proven guilty, Mr. Farmer

I usually get a chuckle out of Guy Farmer’s incessant whining about all things Obama. Unfortunately, he has now gone after a member of the armed forces, Sgt. Bergdahl, based upon conjecture and innuendo.

Mr. Farmer stated that Sgt. Bergdahl is an alleged deserter, an assertion for which he has no proof. If this was Mr. Farmer’s son, would he be so quick to jump to that same conclusion?

LTC Ralph Peters (whom I know) is quoted as evidence of outrage throughout the ranks; because Ralph now works for Fox, it must be fact. Ralph is a Russian analyst who has reinvented himself as a Middle East expert for which he has no training and with no combat experience he hasn’t a clue what a combat trooper goes through. “Leave no soldier behind” is ingrained into the psyche of all soldiers and not something invented by Obama.

Mr. Farmer conveniently leaves out big pieces of the story: Bergdahl’s mental state, his discharge from the Coast Guard in less than a month for mental problems. Does PTSD also come into play? But Mr. Farmer seems to equate possible mental illness with criminal conduct.

Also, nothing is said about the Army boasting of hitting recruiting goals, but only by issuing waivers, including Bergdahl’s. Israel recently exchanged more than a thousand terrorists for one Israeli soldier. Interestingly while Mr. Farmer stands mute. Innocent until proven guilty, Mr. Farmer, try it.

Warren Sprinkle

Carson City


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