Doreen Mack: Creating a Carson downtown that makes lasting memories

Remember when you were young? Remember when you had hopes and dreams? Remember when you were optimistic and people were friendly? Remember when we were a downtown community with two lanes, parking and shopping?

The young need the elders for their wisdom and guidance so they can learn from our mistakes. The elders need the young for their optimism, hope and enthusiasm to keep them young at heart.

I am a third-generation Carsonite. I remember this city in the 1960s and 70s. Recently, a gentleman told me this is a senior community, a thought shared by many. I’m a senior with a youthful soul, as are many others I know, and I beg to differ. We are a college town and a community of many ages. If we are just a senior community, what happens when the seniors pass away? So does the community. Let’s keep business in our town and work together by embracing the future and hopes and dreams shared by many.

A functional and successful downtown community is a mixture of all generations coming together to coexist on the same playground.

The 20/20 group has a vision to create a downtown core that is a walkable and people friendly community, filled with activity, shopping and wonderful restaurants.

We want the memories and the opportunity you had and the feeling of remembering and creating an environment for our children and grandchildren to want to stay and raise their families. This needs to begin now.

The Downtown 20/20 is a group of concerned and motivated citizens and business people, supported by many downtown businesses and building owners. We understand the importance of having a successful downtown that supports existing businesses and recruits new ones. This community feeling will radiate out to other areas of our city, making Carson a destination place that’s a desirable and safe place to live and visit.

Everyone should have the opportunity you had to create memories for your children and grandchildren who would want to stay and raise their families in an environment that’s conducive to creating memories.

This needs to begin now. Traffic levels from two years ago have dropped from 1972 levels to the later 60s. When this freeway is completed, traffic levels are going to drop more as well as your property values if we do not have a strong downtown. We need to be a destination place and keep business in Carson City.

On Tuesday, noon to 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Sierra Room of the Community Center, Carson City will present concepts for improvements to downtown Carson Street at a public open house. The concepts will be available for public review, and staff will be available to answer questions and take public comments. This is your opportunity to view the downtown plan that’s been a joint effort of many for years. Go with an open heart and mind; view the plan, and listen to why this is so important.

Doreen Mack is founder and president of Downtown 20/20.


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