Doreen Mack guest col: Creating a sustainable community

How many of you have a maintenance free house you don’t have to paint and has never had any plumbing or sewer problems, from sprinklers to toilets? Are you between the age group of 75-100 and in perfectly good health without any aches and pains and never seen a doctor? Unless you are a preserved fossil, I hardly doubt it.

The downtown project is no different. It has been years in the making and it’s exciting to see all our efforts coming to fruition. The work of everybody involved doesn’t go unnoticed. It literally took a village and a wonderful Board of Supervisors who had a vision to pursue a much needed necessity and desire for our community. It’s time to replace our aged sewer and water mains that had outlasted their expected life and the new lines are designed for at least another 60 years of service. The effect on restaurants is huge, can you imagine eating dinner with the sewer smells coming out of the kitchen? This has been a frequent occurrence they have had to deal with — ask the restaurant owners. It was something I had a problem with when I had my downtown shop. It only makes since this needs to be done. This is a temporary inconvenience that’s tolerable. The end result, due to a diversified group of people who have come together to design a plan that works for everyone, is a functioning city that sustains for generations to come.

Q&D is doing a phenomenal job on the streets. This has been quite an undertaking and they have kept traffic flowing during construction as well as making signs to support the downtown businesses. Danny Rotter and Carson Proud are doing a great job on putting out weekly notices online and in the paper to notify the public of road closures. Ronni Hannaman and The Chamber of Commerce did a fantastic job on selling out benches and bike racks.

The Downtown 2020 group is making business banners and yard signs (look for the glasses) and keeping the businesses informed through our Carson City Downtown 2020 Facebook page. The downtown businesses are surviving because you, the public, are helping to support them. This process is going to be completed in October and the businesses appreciate your continued support. Please visit their establishments — they love to see you.

This is an invigorating time for Carson City, a time for growth to build a downtown community that extends to all generations and a gathering place that’s the melting pot for all cultures. It’s a place people gather and tourists come to get a feel for the local flavor of our town and to visit our history. It’s an environment to attract businesses and college students.

Yes, folks, we are a community made up of all generations and you want this to be a place that offers opportunities your children would place value in, a place that offers work prospects in a safe and vital atmosphere where they would want to live and raise their families. This only comes with development and everyone working together, remember… “Downtown is the Heart that Keeps the City Beating”

Kudos to our Mayor, Bob Crowell, who as the leader of our city has brought together a sustainable community that will last for generations. He has shown great management skills in accomplishing what has been years of wear and tear from old water and sewer systems to achieving the completion of the animal shelter and MAC center that literally sat on the table for years. He’s an approachable and hands-on mayor. Bob’s leadership has been invaluable as has that of the Board of Supervisors, who have had a passion and a vision to pursue the changes that are needed to make us a better community.

As president of the “Downtown 2020 group” and third-generation Carsonite, I have spent 25 passionate years on improving downtown. I can tell you everyone involved, our Mayor and this Board of Supervisors will go down in history as a group who had a vision to improve the quality of life for our community, as well as, future generations. Please note the 1/8-of-a-cent sales tax that was approved by the Board of Supervisors is the funding behind the downtown project. On average, it costs $12 a year for a family of four or about two cups of coffee.

Doreen Mack is owner of Lofty Expressions in downtown Carson City and president of Downtown 20/20.


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