Past Pages for Friday, April 3, 2015

140 years ago

Capitol Square was a godsend to the street inspectors yesterday. Mr. McTarnahan made his appearance there about noon, with a six-mule team and a big plow. Soon that piece of ground began to be marked by virgin farrows. A line was plowed as per stakes, enclosing the State House a square of upturned earth. This line was widened, and soon the old fence will be demolished. Being of cedar, it has stood one and well.

130 years ago

Grant sinking. The Appeal received the following last night. Nine thirty: Grant gradually sinking and suffering much pain ... not expected to last through the night.

100 years ago

A new race of men is beginning to appear in America, according to Miss Annie McQueen, a theosophist lecturer. This race, she asserts, will have the sixth sense; that is, will be able to live consciously in the “astral body” and the “physical body” at the same time, while in normal condition in everyday life. The new race will be able to look through objects as an X-ray does. “In seeking reincarnation the ego looks for a suitable environment. All the savages are not in South Africa. They find a congenial environment in the slums of our cities and appear there instead of in the wilds. So as long as our cities tolerate slums, they may expect that they will attract savages.”

70 years ago

The sad death of Lt. James G. Lynd, well-known Carson City boy and graduate of Carson High School, who was reported missing for some time, was killed on his 63rd mission over northern Italy. Twice before the fatal crash, Lynd brought his plane back to base with a single engine. He held the Air Medal with 15 Oak Leaf Clusters, two Presidential Citations, two Purple Hearts, and the Croix de Guerre with palm.

60 years ago

Carson City’s fifth flower show will be held in the civic auditorium May 21, with garden lovers and flower clubs in western Nevada and Lake Tahoe area exhibiting choice blooms and plants.

50 years ago

A group of Nevada Negros (today, African-Americans), who will be in Carson City tomorrow for the ceremony of Gov. Grant Sawyer’s signing of Nevada’s first Civil Rights Bill into law, has requested a meeting with the city council and county commissioners of Ormsby County to voice concerns on the Job Corps.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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