Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Genesis Flood explains earth’s geography

In answer to Larry Taylor’s letter of April 10 asking if Ben Fleming and the entire creationist community consider the National Geographic Society an agent of Satan, the answer is, no. Mr. Taylor then refers to the display at the Nevada State Museum, claiming millions of years of continental drift. Apparently, he thinks this proves millions of years of evolution.

Actually in 1859, a creationist, Antonio Snider, first proposed horizontal movement of the continents during the Genesis Flood as a result of his reading of Genesis 1:9-10. But before the 1960s, geologists were adamant that the continents were stationary. It wasn’t until 1962-1968 that four main lines of independent experiments and measurements convinced the scientists that the continents were drifting.

Because of their assumption that what is happening now has always happened, known as uniformitarianism, they assume it has taken millions of years for the continents to separate as far as they have. They refuse to take into account the catastrophic effect a global flood would have on earth’s geology. But such a flood as described in Genesis would have drastically altered the geology of the earth laying down world wide expanses of sediment filled with fossils, raising mountain ranges, and moving continents apart rapidly. The Genesis Flood explains earth’s present geology far better than any uniformitarian view.

So, do you believe man’s often changing ideas or God’s written account? Scientific models come and go, “But the word of the Lord endures forever,” (1 Peter 1:25).

Don R. Drake

Carson City

Mr. Statham, Iran can’t be trusted

This is in regard to Bo Statham’s op-ed entitled “Don’t think Obama and view on Iran deal may change” in the Nevada Appeal. Does he honestly think that the Iranians can be trusted? Does he actually believe they will abide by any agreement made with the UN? For more than 35 years they have been threatening to wipe Israel off the map. I believe they mean to do so, if they can.

John Bolton’s op-ed in the New York Times of Thursday, March 26, entitled “To Stop Iran, Bomb Iran” should be required reading for Mr. Statham before he pretends to lecture us on world diplomacy. In that piece, Bolton warns if Iran gets “the Bomb,” every other Middle-Eastern country is going to want one, as well. We don’t need a nuclear arms race in that part of the world.

If nothing else, Mr. Statham is occasionally good for comic relief. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s what used to be known as “sick comedy.”

John Frink

Carson City


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