Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015

Democrats to blame for when the bomb goes off

When the bomb goes off, and the global economy crashes, no one will remember it was the Democrats who blessed the Obama/Kerry Iran nuclear deal. Why won’t they remember? Because our lives are so complex with trying to make a living, paying for education, housing, cars and cell phones, people are pre-occupied with keeping their heads above water. What’s happening in Iran, Palestine, Israel, Syria and Saudi Arabia is of little interest to many people who both vote and breed.

People who believe the Iran Nuclear deal has an iota of a chance of success probably still believe in the tooth fairy and that the story line of “Survivor” is real.

The United States has, up until the Obama administration, been the closest ally of Israel. Obama changed that though he publicly states he’s made our relationship with Israel even closer than it has been in the past. Narcissists believe everyone who hears them will accept everything they spew as being the truth. I don’t believe a word President Obama speaks.

The Senate Democrats who have agreed to back Mr. Obama on the Iran Nuclear deal need to be held fully accountable for their vote. The Democrats now own the Iran Nuclear deal. And when the bomb goes off, and it will, remember it was the Democrats who changed your life forever.

Ron Landmann


Keating’s column was spot on

Kudos to Lisa Keating and her column about teachers. She hit the nail on the head in discussing what happens with children’s development during the course of a year. She also was right on in mentioning that the pressure of all the testing sucks “the creativity and joy out of the classroom.”

I hope people paid attention to what was said in the column and appreciate what the teachers will teach the children this year. I also hope they will try to work with the teachers and support them in any way they can. I know that I enjoyed hearing from and having the support of my students’ parents during my 36-year teaching career.

Cora Johnson



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