Nevada looks to build ties in Poland

Governor Sandoval with the Nevada delegation in Warsaw, Poland.

Governor Sandoval with the Nevada delegation in Warsaw, Poland.

Governor Brian Sandoval cemented his recent visit to Poland by joining with government officials from Poland to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the State of Nevada .

The plan is to enhance access to the Silver State and U.S. markets for Polish companies and for Nevada-based businesses to gain access to the Polish and European markets.

“In signing this MOU, Nevada is formally recognizing the important partnership that we have developed with the Republic of Poland, and as such, Poland has selected Nevada as a base for expansion efforts by its businesses into the United States,” said Sandoval in a statement.

“With a pledge to open offices at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Innovation Center, Poland’s strong economic growth, industrious population and investment in innovation and market expansion provide Nevada with a unique opportunity.

“Today’s signing with the Province of Lubelski is a first step in formalizing our rapidly expanding collaboration with Poland,”

Since 2013, the state, through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, has developed a productive dialogue with government officials and business representatives from the Republic of Poland.

The relationship that has been developed during this time has centered on assisting Polish companies seeking to access the North American market through Nevada.

Additionally, as a result of GOED’s dialogue with representatives from Poland, the Polish American Chamber of Commerce will be moving its annual conference from Chicago to Nevada.

Northern Nevada Development Authority’s Executive Director Robert Hooper and a subdelegation from the Sierra Region of Northern Nevada were in Lublin, Poland, in late July as part of Sandoval’s European Trade Mission.

The mission was part of an ongoing initiative to build relationships and grow Nevada’s international presence.

The group included Carson City Manager Nick Marano; Joel Grace with the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN); Kaushal Chokshi with Scaale Inc., a company specializing in globalization which recently opened up Scaale Carson City; and business leaders from the Sierra Region and Reno.

The delegation’s stop in Poland was focused on the economic similarities and synergies between Nevada and the European country.

“Poland’s economy is growing parallel to the market in Northern Nevada,” said Robert Hooper, NNDA’s executive director in a statement.

“Poland and Nevada are seeing the same growth in the technology and advanced manufacturing sectors, which is creating opportunities for the two areas to work together.

“Nevada companies can use Poland as a place to launch their European operations; likewise, Polish companies can use Nevada as a hub to sell their products in the U.S. creating a win-win for both economies.”

Nevada companies exported $7.7 billion worth of products globally last year, with the majority of companies being small to mid-sized businesses.

Regardless of size, companies looking to grow their market should consider exporting as an option, according to the NNDA.

Poland’s similar economy and rapid growth make it an ideal place to start an export initiative, said Hooper and Lublin provides a particularly interesting opportunity because of the city’s similar population size to northern Nevada and its explosive growth in technology fields.

In addition to Poland, the Nevada delegation previously visited Ireland, London and Germany.

NNDA is the recognized economic development authority for the Sierra Region of Nevada.

It is comprised of Carson City, Churchill County, Douglas, Lyon County and Storey counties.

The agency is a non-profit organization funded by the state, the counties and cities within the region and through investor partners comprised of businesses in the communities NNDA serves.


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