NNDA, Polish delegation sign economic agreement

The Northern Nevada Development Authority recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Lubelskie region of Poland as part of an ongoing effort to increase economic ties between Poland and the Sierra Region. The deal was transacted in Virginia City as part of a trade mission from Poland to Nevada.

According to a news release, the memorandum acknowledges the economic similarities between the signatories. It lays out an agreement between the government of Lubelskie and NNDA to work together and collaborate in order to better capitalize on opportunities arising from economic common interests. The agreement also states that both parties will work to establish contacts between entrepreneurs and businesses in the two regions to increase business-to-business opportunities.

“The similarities between Lubelskie and northern Nevada provide great opportunities for Nevada and Polish companies alike,” said Robert Hooper, executive director of NNDA in a statement. “Nevada is a great place for companies from Lubelskie to enter the U.S. market because of our great business environment and current manufacturing base.

“Likewise, Lubelskie is a great place for Nevada companies that are looking to enter the European market. The MOU that was signed ensures that both (parties) can take advantage of the opportunities that are available.”

The signing was part of a larger trade mission from Poland exploring opportunities across the state of Nevada and is a follow-up to Governor Sandoval’s European trade mission which took place in the summer of 2015.

Attending the signing was a trade mission comprised of 42 delegates from Poland, including representatives from companies in the manufacturing, information technology, and distribution industries.

“Poland and Nevada have the potential to become great economic partners,” said John Petkus, honorary consul of Poland. “We have been working toward strengthening the trade relationships between Nevada and Poland for several years now. Our goal is to see 50 or more Polish companies operating in northern Nevada and an additional 25 companies in southern Nevada.”


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