Letters to the editor for Aug. 21, 2015

Name bypass after Deputy Carl Howell

Dear Carson City Board members,

My name is Steven David and I, as my family, live in Carson City.

I am writing you with great sadness on the death of Deputy Carl Howell of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. Not only was he a local deputy, but he is and will always be a United States Marine. Both of these careers were volunteered for. This man was a great American who was willing to stand up for the people of our town as well as the people of the world.

Last week when duty called, this man stood up and confronted a bully — threatened, helpless and weak. A woman and small children needed help, and this man was there to do what he was trained to do. When Deputy Howell was confronted by the gunman, he did not hide, but drew his weapon and killed the assailant. His quick action most probably saved the lives of the woman, children and other deputy on scene.

Deputy Howell is the best example of law enforcement as well as the United States Marine Corps.

I would ask that the Carson City Board of Supervisors work with Gov. Sandoval to name the Carson City Bypass the “Deputy Carl Howell Memorial Freeway, CCSO, USMC.”

Respectfully yours,

Steven L. David

Carson City

David’s comments were read into the record of Thursday morning’s Carson City Board of Supervisors meeting.

To Deputy Carl Howell:

A hero rides away

The last time toward the setting sun

Life is put away

From a coward’s loaded gun

Life began, a star was called

When heaven chose a light to shine

A man with courage, sympathy and love

Memories of a hero left behind

Duty calls, he answers

For his country to keep it free

A family man with honor

For all the world to see

He’s remembered as a man

A soldier, a sheriff, a friend

Above the stories that will be told

His memory will never end

Grant H. Wass

Carson City


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