Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015

Don’t tear up downtown Carson Street

I guess I am one of a silent majority in our fair little city. We have lived here 50 years, and, of course, have seen a lot of changes. You would think I would learn to speak up sooner, but I did not want to hurt the feelings of our leadership, all of whom I sincerely respect. Please do not tear up our main street again! It is looking better than ever.

I have been to the meetings and seen the cute and impressive drawings, but how in the world is Carson Street going to handle four to six lanes of incoming traffic merged into one-and-a-half lanes each way?

Of course the freeway bypass could encourage 90 percent of the traffic to go around Carson City because of the main street bottleneck. We could turn into a little ghost town sprinkled with a few parking meters and people to control and time them.

Yes, we have a serious problem to attract business, but we do not need to throw millions of dollars into producing a cute little bottleneck. Then what to do?

Please, silent majority, speak up now.

Thank you,

Val D. Jensen

Carson City


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