Nevada Appeal at 150: Jan. 30, 1943: Hitler extends his rule four years

Hitler today prolonged the term of the Nazi reichstag until Jan. 30, 1947, thus extending his own one-man rule over 80,000,000 persons for four years.

It is reported that Hitler is brooding in his mountain retreat in Bavaria in company with a few sympathetic friends, including his astrologer and an oversized guard.

Berlin announced that an obscure Austrian traitor, Ernest Kaltenbrunner, has been named chief of the secret state police.

It is also reported that Heinrich Himmler, chief of secret police, has been named general commissioner for total mobilization.

Marshal Herman Goering, addressing the German armed forces on the 10th anniversary of the Nazi rise to power, gave an alibi for the disaster to the German forces in Russia, and, in the gloomiest speech ever made by a top leader of Germany, the No. 2 Nazi commanded every man, woman and child in Germany to be ready to die at Adolf Hitler’s order.

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.


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