Letters to the editor for Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015

Think twice before inviting refugees

Regarding “Register Trump’s followers, not Muslims” in the Dec. 6 Appeal, I invite letter writer John O’Neill to take the hypocrite test: Ask one of Obama’s Muslim refugee families to live in his home. Indefinitely. Find properties in his immediate neighborhood to house other Muslim refugees, including those military-age folks who refuse to stay and fight terrorists in their own countries.

Check back with us in a year, John, let us know how it’s going.

Lynn Muzzy


Downtown is heart of community

Well, here we go again. Regarding Ms. Jenson’s letter of Dec. 16 about the downtown improvements — Yes, Ms. Jenson, let the silent majority speak. And you will probably find that they want to put these dinosaurs and naysayers back in the past where they belong once and for all time.

The downtown is the heart of any community. Think about it. Blood rushes into the heart, tired and cold and deprived of energy. It leaves the heart strong and enriched and full of life giving oxygen. And so it should be with a community’s downtown.

People come to downtown to pause and reflect, to refresh, to come together and socialize, to play and engage, to shop and dine, and entertain ... to connect. The old model of crafting a major thruway to force people downtown who don’t want to be there and are going someplace else just so you can hopefully suck a few dollars out of their pockets to buy gas or fast foods, that model doesn’t work anymore.

I have nothing against gas stations and fast foods joints, but do they really define the heart of our community? Or are they conveniences and necessities that should be provided in more accessible locations?

I have been involved in downtown redevelopment for almost 30 years. I have invested in and been a part of the downtown business community for the same amount of time. We are on the right track. Stay the course. And once again I will remind everyone who just doesn’t seem to get it. Downtown is a place you should want to go to, not a place you want to drive through.

Thank you,

Steve Browne

Carson City

Prescription prices are problematic

In the last few months there has been a lot of talk about skyrocketing prescription drug costs in light of companies abusing their monopoly power. I am typically someone who doesn’t necessarily agree with using chemicals to treat ailments; however, there is a necessity for some of these medications. I have a number of friends who need medications to treat conditions from diabetes to cancer. Luckily, many of them have health insurance to help with some of these medications. However, I often think about those who cannot afford certain medications required for their livelihood.

The decision between living a good quality of life or a roof and food should never be decision for a family, yet it often leads those people and their families into financial ruin. As a mother, wife and hard working American, it is unfathomable to think I may possibly face this decision later in life.

Clearly, the prices of prescriptions is an issue that should continue to be addressed by Congress and candidates, from the presidential to state levels. The monopolies that companies have on drugs is anything but fair and goes against the economic principles this country was founded on. Teddy Roosevelt pursued anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation because he had the gusto to address it and recognized monopolies endangered the country and average Americans’ lives. Certainly, there are other aspects to this issue to address, but we need to be talking about all aspects.

Meghan Orloff

Carson City

Carson City should take care of its own first

I would like to take issue with the thoughts of Michael Goldeen that Carson City should take some 500 or so Syrian refugees. Has Mr. Goldeen looked around town and observed, as I have, the people standing on street corners holding signs stating they are homeless and need help? We also have seniors who cannot afford their medicines and families that are going hungry.

The countries around Syria won’t accept these refugees because they know the threat that some of them present. How many of our residents being injured or possibly killed is acceptable to Mr. Goldeen?

These refugees generally do not speak our language or have even a basic education, and they do not share our values, so how will they contribute to this city?

I am sure that Mr. Goldeen feels good about his desire to help the refugees, but charity should begin at home.

Bob Thomas

Carson City

San Bernardino shooting ruse to support gun control

The San Bernardino shooting looks like another false flag government criminal atrocity to demonize Muslims and call for gun control. Scott Pelley interviewed an eyewitness Sally Abdelmageed, who stated the shooters were three muscular tall white men. She said they used automatic weapons. Only the military and the police have access to automatic weapons, except very few civilians who have undergone intense scrutiny before getting a permit. She correctly described their ammunition as magazines, which many people unfamiliar with correct firearm terminology often call clips, indicating she was knowledgeable with firearms. She went into fine detail describing their clothing indicating military attire.

After the interview Pelley, with a straight face in all seriousness said, “We have learned that one of the shooters was a woman.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But telling government lies is what he is well paid for, as is everyone else in mass media. A family attorney described Malik Farook as a petite 90 pound woman, hardly someone to be wielding an automatic rifle. Two other witnesses have also identified the shooters as three tall white muscular men.

The Farooks were killed in fierce gun battle with the police, so we were told. However the ATF who examined the weapons “found” with the Farooks leaked that they were police property. Does anyone find this interesting?

Previous letters of mine I considered of grave importance sparked little interest. Nobody commented on white genocide for instance. Anybody care about anything beyond themselves?

Alan C. Edwards

Carson City


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