Letters to the editor for Friday, Jan. 1, 2016

New Year 2016

The new year is before us.

The old year, it has passed.

Please let us find new meaning

For the present that will last.

For if we cherish the moment

That’s all we really have

Appreciate each other

We should be very glad.

It is about our health,

That means the most to me

Because without our health

Life is less than what it really can be.

It is about the love

That is what we’re put here for

To love one another

And give a little more.

It is about prosperity

We always need to grow

Let us work together

That’s how our love will show.

Now my toast is to the moment!

That what we have will last.

Please lift your glasses to the sky!

Health, love and prosperity —

May they come to pass!

Jenny Schnabel

Carson City


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