Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015

Preserve history: Fund the Nevada State Museum

Nevada is losing its history. This is happening slowly, year by year. Although the recession is supposedly over, our Nevada State Museum is still suffering. Having no lobbyists, it takes a hind seat in legislative funding allocations. Because of this, we Nevadans are losing our heritage.

Nearly 90 percent of stored artifacts are in poor or substandard condition. Galleries presently open to the public will be closed to provide space for storing collections. The Nevada State Museum is currently considered one of the best small museums in the nation. Let’s not lose that.

Additionally, in this session devoted to education, the understaffed museum must turn away many school tours which provide student insights to Nevada history and our American Indian cultures.

Call, write or email your legislators to help correct this neglect of our state museum.

Bob Hilderbrand

Carson City


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