Letters to the editor for Friday, Feb. 27, 2015

Get the facts on Douglas County roads

It is rumored that Douglas County wants to form a blanket GID (general improvement district) for all developments that are not one at this time.

These neighborhoods would be given back their roads and would have to maintain them on homeowners’ dollars. How can these roads be deemed private when they are open to public use? Wildhorse Lane is constantly used by drivers cutting from Johnson Lane to Stephanie, and yet we who live here would have to pay for the upkeep. Not fair to us at all.

Neighborhoods who are already a GID chose not to take the roads, and from what I understand, they will be exempt from this outrageous act. Please come to the meeting Feb. 28 at the fire house on Stephanie to get the facts instead of the misinformation going around.

Thelma Rogers


Voters should show ID

Regarding “Make it easier, not harder to vote” by Harold Zaroff on Feb. 22, both of my parents were born at home in the wilderness (my mother next to Sioux Indian Reservation, outside Sturgis, S.D.) without a doctor, etc.

When it came time for them to prove their birth, a living relative, their mothers in this case, went with them to the proper authorities and wrote/signed the proper document stating relationship and information needed to obtain birth certificate. Both my parents were issued birth certificates at that time.

My mother never drove, but she had an identification card from DMV with her picture and necessary information. My mother was proud to prove who she was.

I strongly support that voters show photo identifications at the polls. A voter should be proud to do so.

Mary Jane Harding



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