Feeding Pets of the Homeless receives WHC pledge

Feeding Pets of the Homeless, has received a pledge for a matching grant for more than $11,000 from the WHC Foundation. WHC Foundation has issued the staff and Board of Directors a challenge to match the pledge by September with donations from the public in Northern Nevada.

All proceeds from the pledge will be used to provide pet food, wellness clinics, and emergency veterinary care to pets that belong to the homeless in Northern Nevada.

Since 2010, WHC Foundation has supported Pets of the Homeless with a total of $33,084. The foundation deems the nonprofit as an asset to pets that might go hungry because their owners are unable to financially purchase nutritious pet food and are unable to provide basic veterinary care.

The organization plans to provide three wellness clinics in Northern Nevada during 2015.

The first is in conjunction with the Reno Homeless Connect which is being held on Jan. 27, at the Reno Event Center. Since 2012, Pets of the Homeless has joined Galena Veterinary Hospital to provide basic exams, vaccinations, spay/neuter vouchers, nail trims and care to more than 260 pets.

If a condition is detected and requires more, an appointment is set up at the hospital and the nonprofit pays for the treatment.

After the exam and vaccinations the pets are crated and watched over by volunteers so the homeless can go inside the center to receive other assistance form a host of other organizations.


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