Storms threaten Northern Nevada Fourth of July activities

Scattered thunderstorms may rain on the Fourth of July parades happening around the region.

The Reno National Weather Service said to expect scattered thunderstorms through the holiday weekend with the highest risk between 2-9 p.m.

Scott McGuire of the Weather Service said temperatures will be a high of upper 90s to lows of mid 60s through Sunday with heavy rain. He said that this creates a potential for an abundance of lighting and high winds up to 50 mph. The lighting possess a big risk and McGuire advises everyone to head indoors if they see lighting or hear thunder.

“A lot of people will be camping or boating for the holiday weekend and they need to be mindful,” McGuire said. “There is no place safe outside, if you see or hear a storm go inside.”

The storms will bring an increase in moisture in the atmosphere and that will create torrential downpours that brings a possibility of local flash flooding.

For patrons at the Mills Park celebration in Carson City, the wind may be the factor that postpones the firework display, Tannis Causey of RSVP said that the display will most likely happen rain or shine but if it is too windy then the display will be called off.

If there is a rain delay they will postpone the fireworks to Sunday, where they will have fireworks with a simultaneous music presentation.


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