Cheers & Kudos: Good Samaritans come to aid of Carson woman

On Saturday, June 13, I was shopping at the Market Street Walmart.

After I turned my back for a minute to pick up a rotisserie chicken, I screamed because my purse was missing with all documents, checkbook and cash in it.

Two passerby couples each handed me cash to pay for my groceries. Another couple offered me a ride home.

The store manager and the protection officer saw the thief on camera grab my purse and exit the store with a toddler in her cart. Immediately they pursued and traced her to the parking lot. The store manager was able to obtain my documents when the thief drove off. As I went to my bank to report that my checkbook was stolen, I was told that somebody saw the checks flying on the ground, they picked them up and turned the book and checks in to my bank.

Because of Walmart’s alert management, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office was able to arrest the thief very soon and recover the stolen cash and return it to me.

I am an 86-year-old fragile woman who was in shock and daze at the time of the theft, but I got everything back.

Herewith I wold like to thank wholeheartedly all the unknown caring people who donated their time and money to help. Thank you to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. Thank you very much to the Walmart management for taking fast action to protect me as your customer.

Gitta Peyerl

Carson City


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