Reno car dealer sells more than autos

Dolan Auto Group is becoming a one-stop shop.

The group’s Toyota store has added an Allstate insurance agency inside the dealership so customers can purchase auto insurance when they buy a car.

“We wanted to be full service: Selling, servicing and insuring the car,” said Brady Dolan, general manager. “We saw a need for it. People didn’t have full coverage when they came in, which they need.”

The franchise agency, which employs four agents and operates seven days a week, also offers other insurance products, including property, commercial and life, as well as financial services.

The office opened in June and Dolan says it surpassed its goals in the first month, selling more than 100 insurance policies.

Allstate Insurance Co. launched its auto dealership program in 2012 after a pilot in 11 locations. The Northbrook, Ill., insurance provider now has agencies in 250 auto dealerships nationwide.

Dolan said Allstate was the only company he could find offering the innovative concept.

Dolan is conducting a pilot of its own. The company opened the first Allstate office in its busiest dealership to see how it fared and plans to roll out agencies in its Lexus, Mazda and Kia stores in the next few months.

“We’ll launch at the other ones once we get the process down in the Toyota store,” said Dolan.

Once the car dealer was approved by Allstate, Dolan obtained an insurance license he says so he could best manage the operation.

“It’s been great and we’ve gotten good feedback,” said Dolan. “We’re saving customers some money.”

The new Dolan Lexus dealership on South Virginia Street is scheduled to open Aug. 10.

The 69,000 square-foot building was built by Clark & Sullivan and features a 5,000-square-foot showroom.


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