Carson City health inspections for week of May 29

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for May 29. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

The Blue Bull, 107 E. Telegraph St., scored 100 points.

Nieves Snow cones, 4637 Carter Ave., scored 100 points.

Carson Cigar Co., bar and lounge, 318 N. Carson St., Suite 101, scored 96 points. There were no chlorine test strips available to test the sanitizer level in the dishwasher. The ice scoop and container above the main ice machine were not clean.

Del Taco, 822 E. College Parkway, scored 99 points. A cup was used as an ice scoop at the drive-though window soda dispenser, corrected on site.

Q’s Steaks, Barbecue & Salads, 230 Fairview Drive, scored 100 points.

Sonic Drive In, 1856 E. College Parkway, scored 98 points. The can opener was dirty, and the ice scoop at the main ice machine was damaged.

Comma Coffee, 312 S. Carson St., scored 85 points. Staff prepared ready-to-eat sandwiches with bare hands, corrected on site. Chemicals were stored above the front dish washing area and above the meat slicer in the rear food preparation room. A chemical spray bottle was unlabeled above a meat slicer. Containers of food prepared on site were not properly labeled. There was no measurable sanitizer residual in the third basin of the three-compartment sink during active dish washing, and basins were not properly set up. Biofilm was presented inside the front of the water trough of the kitchen ice machine. Some areas of biofilm were present on the ice machine in the rear food preparation room. Utensil storage containers in the front and rear food preparation service areas of the facility were not clean inside. Equipment was on the ground in the garbage area outside the rear door.


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