Letters to the editor for Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ron Paul was the leader this country needed

This response is to Jim Hartman’s May 30 letter, in which he wants to get rid of the caucus system. Does he know the alternative is to have our primary in February? Think about the effect this would have! Candidates would be campaigning in the winter and there would be more than eight months between the primary and general.

Then, he goes on to say, “Paul supporters flooded county and state party caucus proceedings.” Sounds like sour grapes to me. The caucus process is open to anyone who wants to participate. Do you think the Paul faction participated so vigorously because it was informed about its candidate and inspired to work hard? Too bad the turnout for the other candidates was so dismal. Could it have been because they were lousy presidential hopefuls? What kind of following do McCain and Romney have now? Former Congressman Paul has only increased his supporters with his daily internet television and radio programs, public speaking, Campaign For Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty and Institute for Peace & Prosperity. And he put together an entire home schooling program that’s free!

If Ron Paul had been elected, the troops would be home, our economy would be recovering, our money would be sound, Obama’s Executive Orders would be rescinded, and the NSA, TSA, DEA and many other agencies would be a footnote in history. Plus, we would have respect in the world because of Paul’s policy of free trade and respect for sovereignty.

Cynthia Kennedy

Virginia City

Solar panel location bad for Douglas County

I became aware of the huge Greenstone solar industrial plant project of 148,277 solar panels on 260 acres of pasture land between Muller Lane and Genoa Lane. I am appalled that members of the Douglas Planning Commission approved this development. I don’t oppose solar power; I oppose the location.

In approving this project, so many issues were ignored — the Master Plan; the Douglas County Valley Vision which includes preservation of open space and visual resources; the total lack of important required written legal conditions for the Greenstone project; the huge effect it will have on the county’s environment and wildlife; and the effect on tourism that brings families here to the valley and Tahoe. Why would a decision of this magnitude ignore all of the previous hard work of community leaders who worked to make this valley the amazing place it is?

It was also stated that this project just affects one family residence. This is ridiculous; it affects the entire area. We have lived in this valley for 30 years, raised our family here, and love it because of the unbelievable natural beauty. You don’t find the panoramic views and support of this community in many places. By approving this Greenstone industrial solar plant in the middle of this Northern Nevada pristine valley, the valley will be changed forever.

As a Northern Nevada resident, I hope you carefully think about the huge negative effect this project would have on all of us living in this beautiful area of Nevada.

Carol Harris


Republicans ‘back stab’ taxpayers

The citizens can no longer trust the Republican Party, especially here in Nevada. We overwhelmingly rejected a ballot issue calling for the raising of taxes on businesses, yet in this latest legislative session, Gov. “Taxoval” and the Republican legislature gave us the largest tax increase in the history of the state.

One way that the citizens who have supported these back-stabbing Republicans can show their disapproval would be for them to change their Party registration to the Independent American Party. It is time that the Republican Party went the way of the old Whig Party, which found itself out of step with its times. The IAP is the only remaining party that really stands for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom for our citizens. Send a message to the Republi-taxers and change your party registration today to the Independent American Party.

J. Tyler Ballance


NSHE professionals deserve same compensation

State employees did make gains in pay under the new budget. However, one group of state employees was excluded of the largest part of the increase. Higher education (NSHE) professionals — including instructors and professors — were left out of the 2.5 percent annual merit increase. While most state workers, including NSHE classified, will enjoy a well-deserved 3.5 percent and 4.5 percent increase in salary due to COLA and merit (step increases), NSHE professionals will receive only a 1 percent and 2 percent COLA.

Gov. Sandoval and the Legislature made courageous steps toward improving K-12 in Nevada. However, the governor and Legislature have sent a message that they don’t esteem NSHE professionals to the same degree as other educators and state employees. Excluding NSHE professionals from merit has effectively created a group of second-class citizens within the ranks of state employees.

This seems contradictory to continuing efforts to diversify our economy by courting non-tourism based industries. These industries need a trained/educated workforce, and their families will need higher education opportunities in Nevada. Nevada is rapidly falling behind its regional competitors in its ability to attract and retain high quality professional staff due to salary limitations. This has left NSHE institutions at risk of not achieving the levels of student success, transformational research, commercialization of technologies, and workforce development which are crucial to Nevada’s economic future.

As Nevada recovers economically, NSHE professionals deserve to be recognized and compensated for their sacrifices and achievements during the recession — the same sacrifices and equally laudable achievements as those made by other state employees.

James Strange

Carson City


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