Letters to the editor for Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More tax money, less accountability for education

Let me see if I understand this correctly. We pay taxes to support public schools, but after years and years of pouring money into the school system it is still rated among the worst in the nation.

Then we pass a new tax to build more schools and hire more teachers, although the tax was clearly opposed by an overwhelming majority of the people.

Then we pass another tax and pay people to enroll their children in private schools rather than use the public school system we just funded.

Then we pass another law and create another department to monitor bullying in the schools rather than just develop some rules and let each school take care of their own problems with bullying.

Yes. Now I think I understand. Using this mentality, I sincerely believe there will be another cry for even more money next year.

As usual, all the new tax money will go to administration. More teachers, their salaries, and supplies will never see a penny of that money, and we will continue to have supervisors supervising the supervisors. What ever happened to accountability?

Perhaps we should create another department to study why private schools are so much better than public schools.

Marie Blanchard

Carson City


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