Letters to the editor for Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014

Voting for Laxalt

How sad that some of Adam Laxalt’s relatives stooped so low as to defame him publicly in an open letter (Nevada Appeal, Oct. 17). That these people would try to derail a young man’s political career makes you wonder, why? The individuals claiming his lack of experience, etc. are his aunts and cousins. This leads me (and others) to suspect that it probably has something to do with money. That seems to make ordinary people do and say selfish and hateful things. Follow the money trail ...

I, for one, will vote for Adam Laxalt because we need a fresh voice for the office of Attorney General.

Arlene M. Larsen

Carson City

Voting for Spees

There are those who enthusiastically endorse incumbent Mark Amodei who voted against amending the National Defense Authorization Act to prevent military arrests of U.S. citizens. They endorse Mr. Amodei even though he voted to prohibit the use of funds authorized for researching the possibilities of fossil-fuel-caused climate change; in addition, Mr. Amodei approved of H.AMDT.671 that prevents the Department of Defense from using funds to address the national security impacts of climate change. Mr. Amodei also voted yes on H.R. 4923 which slashes research funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency. He also voted to cut the National Institute of Health funding thus hurting federal research on a vaccine for Ebola.

Mr. Amodei is charged with “promoting the general Welfare” of the people, but has put his political party’s agenda ahead of his oath and has voted 96 percent of the time with his Republican Party. That included voting to shut down the government — costing taxpayers $24 billion. Is this a wise use of time and money?

We subsidize Mr. Amodei at $174,000 per year, and he voted to approve the 2014 House calendar to work only 113 days. And he called himself a “work horse” at last moth’s Carson City debate ...

Expecting anything different by putting this incumbent back in office seems to be a special sort of lunacy. Let’s consider change; let’s vote for Ms. Kristen Spees for the House of Representatives.

Rick Riendeau

Carson City

Vote No on Question 3

The State Board of Education wants to pass a margin tax on businesses. It’s called a margin tax. The tax will cost jobs, and this tax will keep businesses from coming to Nevada. Raise prices in stores.

All they want to do is tax the people instead of solving the problem. They’re just tax hungry. Vote no on Question 3.

Al Wright


On Flip-flopping

On Flp-flopping

When candidates tout a two-sided dish

Our retort might be that it smells like fish ...

To a then double-dished political ploy

We’d perforce have to say something’s fish — ahoy!

It’s amply served up by both party beasts

As we find ourselves guests at their polling feasts —

But when one such delivers forked-tongued crock

We then name it “flip-flopping” like fish on a dock —

If they flip-flop too much, one likely would think

They might flip themselves off — right over the brink.

‘Twould be best if they’d all just tell the whole truth

Cause the truth is one-sided, not two — forsooth!

Thane Cornell

Carson City

Funding priorities should be needs

Vision: Carson City will become a place where honesty in politics is the rule, not the exception; we will know where our dollars are spent.

Downtown: The majority are not for it though that is what we are told. They say it works in other cities; name them. Yet another downtown group headed by a former city manager. I have to pay for home improvements, business property owners pay for yours. City “insider information” used by some when purchasing downtown properties. Wasn’t Martha Stewart convicted of something similar? My husband must have misplaced the city check when the construction industry tanked.

Bridgeport, Calif., going to two lanes was for safety. They are not the shopping/walking metropolis of Mono County. I walk daily, let’s have some sidewalks other than downtown, that is where I want to shop.

MAC: Will bring thousands of people for tournaments to a 136 space parking lot! Duh!

Animal shelter: Quickly pawned with no thought to enforcement. Just what Kenny Furlong needs, more work. Overdue and should have been a normal capital improvement.

I don’t want to live in Abowdville, Neighborsburg or Hop and Mae Town run by alleged visionary elitists who won’t answer questions. They didn’t put sales tax increase to a vote because the outcome was known. There is not enough money for a new sewer plant or mental health services; funding priorities should be needs, not a small group’s pet projects.

Judy White

Carson City

Elliott supports Laxalt

I must say that when I was in the State Legislature, the nastiness of the Democrats toward Republicans was just not there. This nastiness has grown exponentially and has crippled all levels of government — county, state, and federal.

Just the fact that Adam Laxalt achieved what he did in the Navy (a respected JAG officer) would qualify him for any office he should seek. Ross Miller has no such credentials. His credential is that his dad was Nevada’s governor.

I hope Adam wins this election. He will make a fine attorney general — maybe the best Nevada has ever had. We Nevadans would be lucky to have someone with Adam’s talent, courage, dedication, and honor representing us.

Most sincerely,

Joe Elliott

Former Nevada Assemblyman

Vote for Abowd

I voted for Karen Abowd because I want to see Carson City grow and become the great city it has the potential to be. I want the capital of Nevada to be a showplace and not an old-fashioned town.

Reno, Sparks and other cities across the country are updating their cities or have updated them. Carson City has to do that to keep up with the times.

Vote for Karen Abowd to make our city progressive and beautiful.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Supports Bathgate

To those who would like to know a little bit more about Jim Bathgate before voting, I would refer you back to the wonderful voting guide the Nevada Appeal affords us. It gives the community the opportunity to get a first-person view of those who are running and willing to put in the time to respond.

Jim Bathgate is highly educated, but of a humble spirit as well. He and his wife share the responsibility of teaching their children through home schooling and their participation in the many opportunities for enrichment in this community. As a retired elementary school teacher from Carson City and having taught all levels of English as a second language from elementary through adult education, as well as GED classes through WNC, I know what is lacking now, as well as what is possible if teachers and students have good leadership in areas of planning and decision making.

Those are the issues Dr. Bathgate sees, too. He not only cares about his own children’s futures, but pours his life into the lives of so many children and young people in our community through his work and other services in the community. He understands public education as well as quality home schooling issues. He is educated in the world of economics, as well as understanding that funding programs does not make for the best education, but the gifted hearts of the teachers we are so fortunate to have so many of in Carson City. Let Jim help them and others in leadership make the wisest decisions for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Sharon L. Wooding

Carson City

Cook’s public service speaks for itself

Guy Farmer’s description in the Oct. 19 Appeal of Dave Cook as “a perennial candidate who should have remained on the State Board of Education” has me puzzled. Does Guy really consider standing for office a cause for ridicule?

Unlike “PK” O’Neill, who has never served on any boards or commissions, much less been involved in partisan politics, Cook has already served for many years on our school district’s Board of Trustees, the city’s charter commission, and currently serves on the State Board of Education. In between he has actively worked for other candidates on both sides of the aisle. That is a pretty good civics lesson in participatory democracy.

In this election, Mr. Farmer favors the Assembly candidate with no track record, which his readers can take for what it is worth. But Dave Cook’s extensive and distinguished public service record speaks for itself.

Michael L. Greedy

Carson City

P.K. is a team player

I have known and worked with P.K. O’Neill until he retired from the Nevada Department of Public Safety. I had the privilege of working with P.K. O’Neill when he started his law enforcement career with Nevada Division of Investigations.

We were assigned to the major crimes unit and worked together approximately 20 plus years. Our assignments took us to every county in Nevada.

P.K. has been exposed to the goals, dreams and tragedies of Nevadans. He has worked on many criminal investigations throughout the state and no person was more respected. He treats everyone he comes into contact with respect and worked tirelessly to prove someone’s innocence as well as guilt. P.K. has built a bond of trust between those he comes in contact with and he understands Nevadans. P.K. is a team player and knows where to get help routinely to ensure what is best for Nevada.

P.K. will not forget his roots and will always evaluate issues to arrive at decisions that are best for Nevada. P.K.‘s strengths allow him not only to represent us by listening, but also to represent us by leading. P.K. is going to be honest to himself and the citizens of Nevada. He is the type of individual that cares for you and will fight for us.

He is comfortable asking questions, does necessary research, and is a positive influence in the community. P.K. is not a professional politician continuing to climb the ladder of politics but a truly concerned citizen that can and will make a difference.

Robert G. Milby


Grady supports O’Neill

I have known P.K. O’Neill for several years.

I have observed him testify over the years before legislative committees when he worked for the Nevada Department of Public Safety. He represented his agency well, was always prepared and worked well with legislators of both parties.

His knowledge of the legislative process, his knowledge of the state budget process and his ability to work effectively with diverse groups are the reasons that I have endorsed him for Assembly in the Capitol District.

I know that they are also the reasons that my friend and colleague, the late Assemblyman Pete Livermore, encouraged P.K. to run to succeed him in the Assembly. P.K. had Pete’s strong endorsement.

Carson City was well represented by Pete Livermore. That tradition of effective representation will be maintained by P.K. O’Neill. I urge voters of the Capitol district to vote for him.

Tom Grady

State Assemblyman, District 38

Vote no on 3

California voted in a lottery system and the proceeds would go to the schools. As money came in from the lottery, money from the general fund for schools went down. California schools are no better off than before.

Nevada is facing a so-called margin tax, again for the schools. It is a two-percent tax on gross receipts of business over a threshold. After 41 years as a tax professional, I can tell you this is the most unfair tax of all. I have seen many companies gross millions and have a loss. Yet under this system they would owe tens of thousands of dollars from a gross receipts tax. This is especially hard on new businesses.

Many businesses have a very slim profit margin. Supermarkets take in a lot of money, but after they pay for goods and employees, they may only have an eight-percent gross profit. Out of that, they must pay their other expenses.

Insurance companies are on notice. They already pay a 3.5 percent tax on their gross. Question 3 will raise it to 5.5 percent. Insurance companies may leave the state. We want to invite businesses into Nevada — not scare them away!

If Question 3 passes, I predict when money goes to the schools, funding from the general fund will be reduced. The schools will be no better off.

A wise man wrote that if you do not learn lessons from history, you are destined to relive them. Question 3 is a gimmick just like the lottery in California. Vote no on 3.

Laurie O’Bryne

Carson City

Helget asks for support

My name is Lisa Helget. I am running for Supervisor in Ward 1, because, like many of you, I am exasperated by the lack of transparency in the Board, the disrespect for the opinions of our citizens, and the horrendous waste of our tax dollars championed by my opponent. Over the past three years, my opponent has repeatedly failed to address constructive change for our city and instead voted to increase your water and sewer rates, increase your property taxes, and increase the sales tax. She is proud of her role in forcing you to pay for a more than $30 million downtown renovation project which adds to the more than $150 million of city debt. My opponent claims “people of means” want this project, yet she prevented you from voting on the issue. While ignoring our critical needs that would support our communities, my opponent wants still more tax dollars to fund her vision of “the arts.”

I believe in a code of ethics that demands respect for the voice of our citizens, recognizes that the neighborhoods where we live are more important than a downtown project, and that government belongs to you, not politicians. Only you can decide if you’ve had enough of paying more and getting less; that you deserve a representative who reflects your values: integrity, transparency, and accountability; and tax dollars should be spent to benefit our citizens, rather than the desires of “people of means.” I’m Lisa Helget and I need your vote.

Lisa Helget

Board of Supervisor candidate

Wagner states his case

John Wagner has been endorsed by Veterans in Politics in Assembly District 40. Although I lobbied more than the NRA on gun issues, they told me they only endorse Republicans or Democrats.

I am the only candidate to sign the “No New Taxes Pledge.” I will not vote to extend a tax that the Legislature and governor promised would sunset; they lied!

The main problem with the tax and spend Legislature is that they develop a budget and then try to fund it. They should match spending to the revenue expected the same as families do. They tax because they can. My two opponents want to increase spending and not raise taxes, fat chance.

I am the only candidate that worked in the private sector most of my life.

If you keep electing the same people to office and expect different results, you will be disappointed again. Vote for a third party candidate, John Wagner for Assembly District 40.

John Wagner

Candidate, Assembly District 40


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