Carson City gas rising, but spike moderating

Carson City had 15 gasoline outlets with unleaded regular pump prices below Nevada’s statewide average of $2.87 per gallon, reported Monday.

The statewide average, which was based on a survey of 1,130 stations in Nevada, was determined on Sunday and represented an increase of 8.5 cents per gallon from the average in the Silver State survey a week earlier. This reflected a report in which motor fuel costs locally, in the state and across the nation continued an upward trend. The nationwide bump, however, was less than that reported in Nevada.

Nationally, the price of such gasoline averaged $2.46 per gallon on Sunday, up 2.5 cents from a week earlier.

In Carson City, the lowest price listed Monday by the motor fuels monitoring website was higher than the national average but considerably lower than the statewide average. It was $2.59 a gallon at Costco, 700 Old Clear Creek Road, as well as at three Arco stations. Those Arco am-pm stations vying with Costco for the lowest price listed were at 4150 S. Carson St., downtown at 720 S. Carson St., and at 1017 N. Carson St.

Other prices below the statewide average: $2.61 at Golden Gate, 2651 Highway US 50 E and the Arco directly across from it at 2707 US 50 E; $2.63 at another Arco, this one at 4340 N. Carson St.; $2.65 at JM Gasoline, 1321 N. Carson St.; $2.75 at a 7-Eleven, 3638 US 50 E; $2.79 at five other stations, and $2.83 at one station. Three more were just over the statewide average, posting $2.89, with others were $2.99 or higher.

The GasBuddy information included an analyst’s opinion that price increases were moderating somewhat.

“Drivers are finally getting a break form the big rise in gasoline,” said Patrick DeHaan, the senior petroleum analyst. He said the price spike has cooled after entering March like a lion. He voiced the hope they would go out like a lamb at month’s end.


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