Spring spike at the pump hits Carson City

Gasoline pump prices increased significantly in Carson City, Nevada and across the nation in the past week, according to GasBuddy.com.

The fuel survey website showed regular unleaded gas lowest and cost $2.34 per gallon at two 7-Eleven outlets on Monday, which compared with $2.17 a gallon as the low a week earlier at two other stations. The $2.34 figure was posted Monday by 7-Eleven at 3701 N. Carson St. and at 3838 U.S. Highway 50 E. A week earlier, the $2.17 pump prices were at the Arco station, 2707 U.S. 50 E, and at Golden Gate, across the street at 2651 US 50 E.

In Nevada, the gas-monitoring website said the pump price the previous day was $2.76 a gallon, up 21.5 cents in the past week, based on a survey of 1,130 gasoline outlets in the Silver State. The week earlier statewide average price had been more than a dime higher than two weeks ago Sunday, so the escalation has accelerated.

Nationally, the website reported, the average pump price was up 12 cents from the previous week and on Sunday had reached an average of $2.42 a gallon.

“The spring spike has hit pumps across the nation,” said Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy petroleum analyst, adding it has motorists wondering what is going on.

“New records were broken last week in California as prices spiked at their fastest pace ever,” he said.

“Meanwhile, every single state -- all 50 of them -- saw a price increase in the last week, with a common theme behind the increases: refinery this, refinery that.” DeHaan by that meant recently a rash of refinery problems pushed wholesale prices up significantly. He said the “increases will persist country wide, and the general upward trend will likely remain in place for 6-8 more weeks before motorists see declining prices ahead of Memorial Day weekend.”

In Carson City, meanwhile, prices remained well below the statewide average and even under the national average at some stations. For example, while the 7-Eleven outlets were below $2.35 a gallon, there were a half dozen stations at $2.39 and one at $2.40.

The six at $2.39 were Costco, 700 Old Clear Creek Road; Golden Gate, 2651 US 50 E; and four Arco stations at 720 S. Carson St., 4190 S. Carson St., 2707 US 50 E, and 1017 N. Carson St. The one listed at $2.40 a gallon was the Arco station at 4340 N. Carson St. Other stations were at least $2.45 or higher in the state capital.


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