Cheers & Kudos: Thank you to Dr. Weed and staff

This message of gratitude and commendation to Dr. Andrea Weed and her exemplary staff, including but not limited to, Erika Graul, Danny, Crystal, and Tara, is long overdue.

Grand gestures of heroism, perfection, altruism are commonly applauded. But just as deserving of our attention are a group of people who consistently, day after day, manage a dynamic, voluminous, challenging medical practice In a caring, respectful environment.

Dr. Weed and her staff provide excellent medical care with an attitude of sincere consideration for their patients. For over 10 years as their patient, I am consistently treated with kindness, professionalism, expertise, and genuine positive human regard. Whether they are dealing with a complex insurance problem on my behalf or providing a medical exam, I am always made to feel important and taken care of.

Dr. Weed and her staff are a breath of fresh air in our stressful, chaotic, demanding world. In the challenging times in which we live, to give expert medical care in a caring environment is truly an accomplishment worth noting.

Acknowledging our humanity and treating patients with dignity and respect emanates in all they do. I am grateful.

Monique Giron

Carson City


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