Carson City health inspections for March 10

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for March 10. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

CVS, 220 Fairview Drive, scored 100 points.

Daisy’s Store, 3259 E. Highway 50, scored 100 points.

Dotty’s, 3331 E. Highway 50, Suite 5, scored 100 points.

Sassafras, bar and lounge, 1500 Old Hot Springs Road, scored 100 points.

Save Mart Supermarkets, meat, 3325 E. Highway 50, scored 100 points.

Save Mart Supermarkets, produce, 3325 E. Highway 50, scored 100 points.

Save Mart Supermarkets, seafood, 3325 E. Highway 50, scored 100 points.

Sassafras, restaurant, 1500 Old Hot Springs Road, scored 99 points. There was a gap large enough to allow the entry of rodents at the bottom of the front door. The wall-to-ceiling contact behind the main ice machine was not sealed.

Carson High School, culinary arts kitchen, 1111 S. Carson St., scored 97 points. Two cooks prepared ready-to-eat foods without gloves. There were no sanitizer buckets set up during food preparation activities.

Gold Dust West, The Grille, 2171 E. Highway 50, scored 97 points. A cook handled ready-to-eat food without gloves then put on clean gloves without washing his or her hands first, corrected on site. There was not adequate weather-stripping at the rear kitchen door. The walk-ins were missing plastic air guards inside the doors. Areas inside and on top of condenser units inside the reach-ins were dirty with fluid buildup and food debris. Ceiling tiles were peeling. There were areas of loose, black material around the two dishwasher vents. Some doors and walls were damaged and needed paint to make them waterproof and cleanable. There was ice buildup around the condenser wire in a walk-in.

Taqueria Uraupan, 4601 Goni Road, Suite A, scored 97 points. Bags of chiles and flour were stored on the floor in the dry storage room. An employee handled tortillas without gloves. A large container of frozen and raw steak was stored uncovered in the reach-in. There was no sanitizer in the wiping cloth storage container, corrected on site.

La Posada Real, bar and lounge, 3205 Retail Drive, scored 96 points. The hand sink was blocked.

La Posada Real, restaurant, 3205 Retail Drive, scored 95 points. The can opener and interior surfaces of the main ice machine were dirty. There was no certified food handler on duty in the kitchen.

Denny’s, 2299 N. Carson St., scored 85 points. A cook wiped his or her hands on an apron instead of washing his hands. Access to two hand sinks was blocked, corrected on site. Ready-to-eat foods were assembled without gloves, corrected on site. Tartar sauce was not refrigerated. There were no paper towels at a hand sink. There was black buildup on the floors under the dishwasher. The floors in the dry storage room needed to be swept.

Los Caporales Supermarket, mobile food vehicle, scored 75 points. The internal temperature of cooked meats was at 84 to 90 degrees; another hot holding unit with cooked vegetables was not operational. There was no sanitization rinse for utensils. No hot water was available for hand or utensil washing. The hand sink was blocked with assorted items. Hot and cold units had no thermometers. The three-compartment sink was not set up. There was no sanitizer bucket or spray bottle available for sanitizing surfaces. There were no paper towels in the dispenser at the hand sink. Ceiling light fixtures, whose bulbs were burned out, were unshielded. An unauthorized person was eating inside the unit. Los Caporales Supermarket scored 98 points on a follow-up inspection. One skylight was broken in the front of the mobile vehicle. A screen was missing from a skylight, and some screens were full of grease. Ceiling light fixtures were not properly shielded and had burned-out light bulbs.


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