Costco first retailer to be #CarsonProud on Saturday

On Saturday the employees of Carson City Costco will be #CarsonProud wearing their #CarsonProud T-shirts throughout the workday.

Costco is the first major retailer to embrace Carson City’s #CarsonProud campaign and is looking forward to assisting Mayor Robert Crowell and other supervisors in getting the word out about all the positive changes to take place in the near future in the downtown core.

Shoppers will receive a written outline of the many changes urging them to keep current by entering #CarsonProud on their smartphone and computers.

“The employees of Carson City Costco are excited to be part of the #CarsonProud campaign and to show our pride and support of this great city,” said Bob Tote, Costco general manager.

The event is being coordinated by the Carson City Chamber. Chair Terrie McNutt encourages “all businesses and residents to be #CarsonProud and to weigh in on how they wish their city to look.”

A series of meetings is yet to be held seeking citizen input with the next public open house to be scheduled at the Carson City Community Center on June 22 to comment on the 30 percent project design plans.

Mayor Crowell will be greeting shoppers beginning at 10 a.m.


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