Letters to the editor for Thursday, May 7, 2015

Did Supervisors think they knew best?

I would like to review the plans for Carson City, as I understand them.

A Capitol Mall will include multi-story office buildings and parking structures, although office vacancies throughout the city have existed for years. These office buildings will contain space for retail, although downtown has historically struggled with retail development. A new hotel is planned, although existing hotel occupancy is mediocre.

Further plans include building a parking structure and a bridge to the Nugget, although the necessity for a special bridge across Carson Street is questionable. A multi-purpose athletic center is underway which appears to be focused primarily on younger members of the community.

While aware of the plans for a Capitol Mall, the majority of supervisors approved the changes to Carson Street, which include widening sidewalks, destroying medians and narrowing traffic lanes to one in each direction. Did any city official question making these drastic changes to the street without first judging the effect the Capitol Mall would have on the area? Did anyone consider that along with closing Third Street for summer activities, the more prudent first step should have been bringing new and exciting retail and restaurants to Carson Street to ensure year-round activity could be sustained?

Was any thought given to permitting residents to vote on the irrevocable transformation of Carson Street, the main thoroughfare through Nevada’s capital, and the sales tax increase that was imposed to fund the project? Or did a handful of people think only they knew best?

Andrea Fischer

Carson City


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