NV gas pump price up 8 cents a gallon

Nevada’s average retail gasoline price at the pump increased 8.2 cents per gallon in the past week, according to GasBuddy.com.

The price reached $3.29 a gallon by Sunday based on a survey of 1,130 outlets in the Silver State, which was 30 cents per gallon higher than the lowest pump price in Carson City on Monday, according to the website. The low price in Carson City at five outlets was $2.99 a gallon.

They were Costco, 700 Old Clear Creek Rd.; the ARCO station at 2707 U.S. Highway 50 E and Golden Gate across the street at 2651 US 50E; Eagle Gas at 1360 S. Carson St.; and JM Gasoline, 1321 N. Carson St.

Nationally, the average price reached $2.71 per gallon by Sunday, up a nickel from a week earlier, GasBuddy.com reported.

“The rise we’ve seen in the national average over the month is showing signs of fading,” said Patrick DeHaan, a petroleum analyst for the website. He said crude oil prices have fallen a couple of dollars per barrel from their 2015 highs and, despite higher demand going into the Memorial Day weekend crude oil supplies are plentiful. The analyst said, however, gas in all 50 states costs more than a month previously.

But a year ago prices were higher. GasBuddy.com reported, though, the smallest decreases from a year earlier have come in Nevada, Utah and California.


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