Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 31, 2015

Officer helps keeps the peace

Lately there have been national incidents when the name “peace officer” seemed like an oxymoron, but recently my wife and I experienced a situation which proved otherwise.

We were cruising through downtown Carson City on our way to a newly-opened wine-themed restaurant, when my normally-sturdy little truck began vibrating rhythmically to the sound of unmelodious mayhem. While trapped at a traffic signal the noise became worse. Other drivers were looking around frantically for the cause of the booming annoyance. We soon identified the source as a rolling ghetto blaster that was stopped immediately behind us.

Initially I smiled as I visualized the ear drums of the offending driver turning to nutty putty, but soon my musings turned to the merits of heavy weaponry.

Just when the communal teeth grinding was reaching its apogee, a motorcycle cop magically appeared in my rearview mirror. He had pulled up to the boombox bozo and was having a “come to Jesus” talk with him.

The noise immediately ceased. When the traffic light changed to green the motorcycle cop stayed on the now silenced boomfool’s tail and quietly escorted him out of town.

Good job, officer. Peace be with you.

Phil Stotts

Carson City

DMV is over funded

How many times have we heard the following statement in Nevada — “Don’t tell me what they do in California?”

Because a significant portion of Nevada’s population transplanted from California, there is much knowledge regarding the Golden State’s practices.

One such fact is the cost of automobile licensing. Nevada is higher than California’s! So, what do we Nevadans get for this premium? The DMV wants to add a dollar to our fees to cover technical upgrading!

If there was ever a department of government that is overly funded, it is DMV. Can we please get serious?

Joseph B. Allegretti

Carson City

Don’t tax the smokers

The proposed $1 additional tax per pack of cigarettes is an abomination.

The responsibility for preventing young people from smoking lies with parents, family and friends, not those of us who have already been “hooked” for years or decades. If you agree, please call the Legislative Counsel Bureau at 775-684-6800, and voice your opposition. I understand that your opinion will be circulated to the legislators.

Chuck Byrne

Carson City

A belated mother’s day poem

Happy day for mothers everywhere

Who raised boys with brothers beware

Daughters, the princess mom’s younger twin,

Raising the brood to be successful to win

Dole out the punishment, the kids cry, “No fair!”

Some days you want to just pull out your hair

But the family pulls together to give mom a cheer

Because she is always special every day of the year.

Grant H. Wass

Carson City


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