Carson City health inspections

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Nov. 4. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Beantown Roasters Inc., 3107 N. Deer Run Road, scored 100 points.

Bistro at the Bryan, 901 S. Stewart St., scored 100 points.

El Charro Avitia, bar, 4389 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Jacksons Food Stores, 1400 Rand St., scored 100 points.

Subway, 2073 E. Highway 50, Suite 1, scored 100 points.

Wendy’s, 2555 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Subway, 3959 S. Carson St., scored 99 points. Sanitizer test strips were missing.

McDonalds, 2001 N. Carson St., scored 97 points. The main ice machine and floor sinks needed to be cleaned.

El Charro Avitia, restaurant, 4389 S. Carson St., scored 96 points. The cutting board was damaged and needed to be replaced. Pink slime was found inside the ice machine. The meat freezer, keg cooler, ceiling and cooling unit needed to be cleaned.

Firehouse Subs, 3120 Highway 50 E., Suite 1, scored 96 points. Sanitizer buckets held insufficient levels of cleaning solution.

Juan’s Mexican Grill, 3680 Goni Road, scored 96 points. Equipment and the ice machine needed to be cleaned. Cutting boards needed to be replaced. Vents were covered in grease. Leaky faucets needed to be repaired.

Q’s BBQ, 230 Fairview Drive, scored 95 points. The can opener was dirty. Dirty knives were stored between work tables. Wire racks in the walk-in refrigerator were dirty. The outside of the waste grease storage container was dirty. A plastic tube was missing on the fluorescent light on the ceiling in the dish washing area.

Super Mercado El Torito, 304 E. Winnie Lane, Suite 308, scored 91 points. Meat was found at 65 degrees. All food was not properly labeled. Meat was found hanging on the three-compartment sink. Sanitizer test strips were missing.

Jack in the Box, 309 E. William St., scored 87 points. Thermometers were not easily accessible inside two reach-ins. A staff member assembled sandwiches without gloves, corrected on site. A box of food was stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer. There was no measurable sanitizer residual in the cloth storage buckets. The ice maker over the customer service soda dispenser needed to be cleaned. Dirty spatulas were stored in a clean container. Grease buildup and greasy paper towels were found inside cabinets. The ceiling fan needed to be cleaned. The rice scoop was stored in a container of dirty water. Weather-stripping on the rear kitchen door needed to be replaced. The women’s bathroom floor was dirty, and tables were littered with food scraps. There was no certified food handler on duty.

McDonalds, 3905 S. Carson St., scored 87 points. Items in the milk cooler were at 49 degrees; cheese and other products in the cooler were at 65 degrees — items needed to be less than 41 degrees. The back door needed to be sealed. The ice machine and drive-thru milk cooler needed to be cleaned. Thermometers and sanitizer test strips were missing.

Golden Dragon Restaurant, 3250 Retail Drive, Suite 150, scored 84 points. Some food items in the walk-in refrigerator were not properly labeled. The cooking equipment under the exhaust hood needed to be clean. The chlorine kit to test the dishwasher was missing, corrected on site. The disinfection bucket was missing chlorine residual. There were no disposable paper hand towels at the employee hand wash sink, corrected on site. Both bathroom doors were not self-closing. The concrete pad in the waste storage area was dirty. Grease was dripping from the exhaust hood into food being cooked. Baffles didn’t fit properly in the exhaust hood. There was no certified food handler on duty.

JM Discount Liquor, 1501 E. Fifth St., Suite 102, scored 84 points. Several foods were found past their expiration dates. Sanitizer was missing from the three-compartment sink. The right rear back door needed to be sealed. Bags of ice were not properly labeled. Sanitizer test strips were missing from the three-compartment sink. There was a buildup of trash in the rear bathroom. Trash was also built up in other areas; some fire exits were blocked by trash.


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