Letters to the editor for Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015

The Nevada Appeal is accepting Thanksgiving poems, no more than 100 words in length, through Nov. 18. Email poems to editor@nevadaappeal.com, or fax them to 775-887-2420, or mail them to the Nevada Appeal, 580 Mallory Way, Carson City NV 89701. Poems will be printed on Sunday, Nov. 22.


Oh, Nevada, what can it be?

The Spirit’s upon us!

What do we see?

Education is at the top!

Without it our students

Will continue to drop.

Hoping won’t work,

Nevada must invest

Our children are important

When they leave the nest.

The future’s so bright

So what will it be?

Invest in education

So all children can see.

Thank you, Nevada,

For the challenge we have,

It’s a test for us

That isn’t so bad.

We have all our children,

Grandchildren and more.

There’s no time like the present

Let’s open the door!

Jenny Schnabel

Carson City

Americans sold out by budget bill

Once again I find myself so mad that I need to voice the truth. Our Senators and House of Representatives passed a new two-year budget bill to avoid shutting down the government, and it was signed by Obama. What they did not tell you is that we were sold out once again.

This budget bill was for $150 billion dollars. And the USA will have to borrow this money but the secret before passage was, where is this money being borrowed from? The answer, my fellow citizens, is from the Social Security fund. Don’t believe me? Then Google it.

Now this is highway robbery, and I now ask you, what’s the difference between a bank robber and our Congressmen? Not much except this fact, the bank robber when caught with get 8 to 10 years in federal prison while our Congressmen are rewarded by being reelected.

I encourage you in 2016 to kick these liars and thieves out and elect no incumbent. We need a radical change to put back the citizens in charge of this country, like the Constitution established from the beginning.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City

Use care when deer are around

As many of you have noticed, we have an abundance of deer in the area and with winter weather soon upon, us we will all be dealing with slick roadways and icy conditions. Already several deer have been struck by vehicles, with some not surviving their injuries and others limping off into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Learning to coexist with wildlife can be challenging when they walk alongside and onto the roadways in areas where you would not expect them to be. Slowing down and paying attention to your surroundings as you travel is a good way to avoid a crash.

Should you come across deer while driving, remember that they are unpredictable and may run in front of you even if they are walking away from your moving vehicle. Pass slowly, or come to a stop until they are clear from your path of travel.

Traveling at night decreases your visibility and your ability to react quickly. Where you see one deer, others will follow. Rain, snow and fog are other factors to take into consideration when traveling in areas where deer are known to be.

The deer in this area are not restricted to the side streets and will cross major roadway arteries, such as Carson and Stewart streets as well as Highway 50 as they move around the valley. Drive with care and awareness and we can reduce the amount of deer versus car crashes.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office


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