Letters to the editor for Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015

Mary Poppins troupe outdoes itself

We have season tickets to the Western Nevada Musical Theater Company, and every year they have kept us entertained. We have never seen a bad production. The troupe of this last one, “Mary Poppins,” has outdone itself.

Young and old alike seemed to be enjoying themselves. The only thing wrong with the production was I knew all of the words to the songs and was singing along. Unfortunately, I cannot carry a tune in a bucket, so I apologize to those seated near me.

Judith Wooley


Support Wishes & Angels

People cry out for supporting local business in order to improve the economy, but I would like to see the public embrace local nonprofit. This holiday season, shoppers are being bombarded with requests from “big-name,” “big-business” organizations to compete for donations that a local nonprofit, Wishes & Angels of Northern Nevada, is getting drowned out and doors closed to their requests for sponsorship because the businesses have either established “no solicitation” policies that prevent any organization from fundraising at their store or they have already decided to provide support to these massive organizations.

I’m not saying that support needs to be stopped or completely diverted to locally based organizations only, but please leave some room for the local nonprofits to also be considered for a donation or two. Wishes & Angels of Northern Nevada currently has 44 children signed up for assistance and another 15 families in a hold status until more donations are received to support the additional requests.

How come nobody has ever heard of Wishes & Angels of Northern Nevada? Because the budget is limited and it cannot pay for ad campaigns and news outlets haven’t picked up the story. Help me change this now, let the news outlets hear your voice that you want to know more about Wishes & Angels of Northern Nevada. One voice has not been enough, maybe they will hear a public outcry!

Gail Thompson

Carson City


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