What color says about your business brand

Judy Haar

Judy Haar

Although not part of a typical business plan, your brand is a key ingredient to your small business success.

Branding is so important to your image that it needs to be done right the first time. After all, your brand tells the client who you are, what you do and what their experience will be in dealing with you.

Your brand differentiates you from the competition. It will be included on all your advertising, marketing material, stationary and Web sites plus many more locations. So love your brand and spend the time to create a great one for your company.

Your brand should deliver your message of who you are and what you produce/sell/service as clearly as possible. It should include a name, logo and tagline all working together to project an image of your business.

It’s more than a logo. Color counts. Most companies choose a name and logo, but often neglect to consider the impact of color. They could be delivering a message that you don’t want, so you should choose carefully and know what message you’re sending. It’s entirely possible for the color you choose to neutralize or cancel your brand message.

Color evokes an emotional and often unconscious reaction and can be used to increase brand recognition. Our reaction to color affects all that we do including buying habits, excitement, action and attention. Color can encourage sales.

Any color can represent any industry but some colors have been associated more with certain business types than others. Green is a great example, usually associated with environmental firms. Also, consider your target market because some colors in one country may not evoke the same emotions in another. A brand must stand out in the crowd so try not to pick the same colors that represent your competitor. Be different and take your time because your brand will be splashed across all of your signs, articles, press releases, marketing, business cards and much more.

Test out combinations on all the sources to make sure the colors you pick best serve you.

Judy Haar is a Service Corps of Retired Executives mentor. She can be reached at www.score-reno.org.


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