Cheers & Kudos: Friends of Carson City Library thankful for 50 years of support

The Friends of Carson City Library would like to thank the community for joining us in celebrating our 50 years of supporting our local Carson City Library. It is the very generous support of the community via your book donations and your purchases from our store that make our contributions to the library possible. With your help we have greatly contributed to the Carson City Library being looked upon by libraries throughout the country as a library that is doing great things and as a model to strive for. Just imagine what we could achieve and how we would be perceived by others If our library had a more up to date building and space to really show what they could do!

The donations have been pouring in since we moved to the new store and you all discovered where we were located. We really appreciate all the books, etc., as they provide our inventory for the store. However, your generosity has overwhelmed our processing room and we have had to resort to putting donations outside until we have the space to process them inside. With winter coming on this cannot continue and we must get some space between large donations so that we can process them in a timely manner.

Please follow these new donations rules:

If your donation is three or more boxes we would like you to please call and make an appointment to bring them in. This will allow us to spread out the large donations and give us time and space to process them, please call the store at 775-884-4043, and ask to speak to Patti Ferguson. She is in the store almost every morning but will return your call if you miss her.

Please bring your donations in boxes or other containers that you do not need back. We don’t have the space or the staff to unload multiple boxes while you wait.

Your smaller donations are welcome any time. During store hours (9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the winter), bring them inside and give to person at the counter. During closed hours, put them in the drop box. Do not leave any donations outside.

Please remember, we are selling used books. We are not a thrift store. We really appreciate your books, magazines, puzzles, games, movies and music, but we do not want any other types of donations. No household goods, clothing, furniture or equipment of any kind. There are several good thrift stores in town that will take these kinds of donations.

We sell gently used books, etc. So take a good look at your donation and if it is not in a condition that you would want to buy then we probably wouldn’t sell it either. Put all of these unacceptable items in the same box and label it recycle only and we will gladly recycle it for you so you don’t have to send it to the dump. This also goes for old, outdated text books and encyclopedias or reference books. They are not sellable so we will recycle them for you. Again, put them all in a box and label it recycle only.

Just a reminder, all the ladies and gents who work in the store are volunteers! They give of their time to help the Friends run the Browsers Corner Book Store and we appreciate each and every one of them. Please be patient with all of us.

Phyllis Patton

President of Friends of Carson City Library


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