Motorcycle event brought bucks to Reno

Producers of Street Vibrations say the 2015 event, once all the numbers are recorded, could pump more than $96 million into the local economy for the week of Sept. 23-27. Reno based Street Vibrations, now in its 21st year, is the 4th largest motorcycle event in the nation.

According to a news release sent out in advance of the event, producer Roadshows Inc. anticipated about 50,000 motorcycle participants and enthusiasts to be in town to enjoy the event. “The weather should be excellent, so we’re expecting really good numbers,” said Randy Burke, president of Roadshows Inc. in a statement.

The 2013 Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitor’s Authority Visitor Profile Study, (the most recent one available) shows the average daily budget for those who come to Reno is a little more than $685. The average visitor stays 3.5 days so $685 X 3.5 is $2,397 per person for their entire 3.5 day visit.

Street Vibrations registered participants and some motorcycle enthusiasts actually stay longer than 3.5 days. Many stay throughout the five-day event.

But even using the $685 daily spending rate from the RSCVA study, and using only 40,000 visitors (instead of the anticipated 50,000) this event could pump $27.4 million into the local economy every day. This would be spent on food, lodging, entertainment and shopping.

Using that 2013 RSCVA Visitor Profile Study daily budget figure of $685 per day and a conservative 3.5 day stay with only 40,000 visitors, the economic impact would be $95.9 million dollars. If all those visitors spent four days in town, that would be a $109 million economic boost. This figure doesn’t include those making a major purchase at the event. They would, of course, spend more.

“It’s not unusual for us to have hundreds of riders register when they get to town. Those walk-ups keep our registration sites busy,” Burke added. “Many riders want to check the weather before they hit the road.”

Those who do register are called VIP participants and they get to do a lot of things regular enthusiasts do not.

Motorcycle riders who register as Street Vibrations VIP participants pay $70 and they are able to:

• Enjoy special VIP host parties

• Participate in organized rides called “runs,” and poker walks

• Go on Scavenger Hunts

• Participate in Bike Coral where they can buy and sell private party bikes

• Utilize secured, premium parking locations

• Receive a special event T-shirt

Only a small percentage of those who enjoy Street Vibrations actually register for the event, according to organizers.

Bikers who choose not to register like to operate on their own timeline. They aren’t particularly interested in participating in poker runs and walks. They say they prefer to shop at vendor booths, enjoy the live entertainment, visit with friends and check out all the other bikes.

Street Vibrations research shows most motorcycle enthusiasts and participants in town for the event were 45-54 years old. Forty-eight percent of those interviewed during the study reported a household income of $71,000 or more.


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