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Gun-show sign displays tackiness


I am not for stricter gun control, but I find the sandwich board signs “Gun Show, Free Beer” pretty tacky to be appearing in our community of Fallon.

The signs make the gun show, a legal event, sound like a chance to party and drink limitless beer. If that results, even with one person, what happens to the atmosphere of responsibility that is expected from the gun vendors and buyers?

These signs are a disgrace to our community, and should be altered to show a respect for the existing laws and an (hopefully) atmosphere of good judgment at the sale. The recently publicized tragedies all around the U.S. are results of guns in the wrong hands. I would hope the gun enthusiasts in Fallon would be demonstrating an effort to avoid any such tragedies in our community. These signs imply otherwise.

Dana Bray


Loopholes need to be closed


In his latest column, Tom Riggins says anyone should be able to get any gun they want, anytime they like. If Mr. Riggins says, “I didn’t mean just anyone. I meant only responsible, law-abiding people should be able to get guns,” then the question becomes, how do we decide who these responsible people are? If some stranger walks up to a gun dealer and wants to buy a gun, how does the seller know they aren’t a convicted felon, or domestic abuser, or dangerously mentally ill? Should the seller just say, “You look responsible. Here’s a gun.”

If not, maybe we should have some kind of background check to make sure dangerous people don’t get guns.

The second anyone thinks that, they are supporting gun control. It then becomes a matter of degree. The majority of Americans want universal background checks on gun buyers. That way, truly responsible people can buy guns, while those who aren’t, won’t be able to. Right now, anyone can go to a gun show in Nevada and buy a gun from an unlicensed dealer without going through a background check. This loophole makes it possible for anyone, no matter how disturbed, to get a gun. Does Mr. Riggins really think that’s okay?

In November 2016, Nevadans will vote on the Background Check Initiative. This will help close the enormous loophole that currently exists. If you think that any person who walks up to any gun seller should be able to buy a gun, then vote against this law. But if you think maybe we should keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, you might want to consider voting for the law.

It’s not about confiscation. It’s about making sure irresponsible people don’t get guns. And who could be against that?

Carol Colip

Churchill County

Seniors getting raw deal


In early October I received my supplement insurance contract showing that everything went up — co-pays, doctor visits, and premiums. I assumed they anticipated Social Security was getting a raise!

About a week later, Channel 2 reported Social Security was not getting a raise because of the oil prices being so low. I wonder if that includes raises for Congress and our elected officials, or if it’s just the seniors being targeted.

Dixie L. Horsmon

Carson City

Obama, Congress and conniving cohorts


An open letter to President Obama, all of Congress and all of their conniving cohorts.

What you are doing to destroy the United States of America is not only criminal activity, but morally wrong, for which, at some point, you will each be held accountable for your actions.

Question: Is what you are doing really worth an eternity in hell?

Mary Santomauro



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