Nevada Appeal at 150: June 30, 1910: Should light Capitol dome

June 30, 1910: Should light Capitol dome

For many years past, in fact ever since the coming of the Truckee River General Electric Light company into this city, the Appeal has advocated the lighting of the dome at all times in a similar manner as the domes of the capital buildings of California at Sacramento, and Colorado at Denver are lighted.

Now that the work of wiring the big dome has been completed and the beauty of the decoration can be seen and appreciated the Appeal would suggest that the board of capitol commissioners take the matter up and if possible make the illumination permanent.

All will agree that it would add to the beauty of the building to have the dome lit up at all times and the cost would in no way effect the financial standing of the State of Nevada.

Another suggestion may be that a large light be placed on top of the flag pole which will still greater enhance the beauty of the dome.

It might also be well to have the matter formally presented to the board at its meeting the first of the coming month and endeavor to have some sort of lighting scheme adopted and carried into effect.

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.


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