Letters to the editor for Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015

Thanks for repainting Blue Line Trail

With deep appreciation, we thank City Manager Nick Marano, Public Works Operation Chief Curtis Horton, and city staff for the repainting of the historic Carson City Kit Carson Blue Line Trail.

The trail is an important feature, promoting Carson City’s historical district and provides a great look into the past for both residents and tourists alike.

Keith and Pam Maki

Carson City

Government shouldn’t issue marriage licenses

Instead of litigating gay marriage, we should be litigating whether or not government should be giving out marriage licenses at all.

The term “marriage” was in the Bible long before our government was thought of. If we want to have a separation of church and state, which is not what our founding fathers really wanted, they just didn’t want government sponsoring any one religion, the government should be giving licenses for civil unions to everybody, and then you can go to your church, and they will marry you and give you a marriage certificate.

Rob Cobb Jr.

Carson City


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