I really enjoyed David Henley’s article on the minesweeper USS Lucid, MSO 458.

I grew up 20 odd miles from Stockton and have been following the restoration of the Lucid for some time.

The main reason for my interest is that I served in the same Minesweeper Flotilla on Pier #9, at Long Beach Naval Station from 1960 through 1963.

I was aboard the USS Inflict, MSO 456. I want to wish those students and volunteers all the luck in the world.

I know the problems they are having finding what they need from the restoration and finding the money to fund it.

Norv Azevedo


Response to LVN editorial


In the United States 240 years ago, our Founding Fathers devised the electoral college because of geo-political considerations.

In order to protect the system, votes were not directly cast for a presidential candidate. Men who didn’t own land, women, and African American slaves were deprived of the vote.

How times have changed!

In the election for the highest U. S. office is it fair to count a North Dakota person’s vote two times more than a voter in Nevada?

Nevada has about 4 times the population.

Can a minority number of states control the majority of states or produce “mob rule”? The majority number of states would still control the Senate and the legislative process.

Our “republic” does not fall apart with the popular vote determining all other national offices.

Numerous states never see any serious campaigning by either party because they are “safe”. Many people who are in “deep red” or “deep blue” states don’t vote if they are of the opposite party. Why bother to vote when you know which party is most likely to win?

These people could be empowered to vote -- their vote would count!

We could divide the electoral votes of each state according to the popular vote. In Nevada this would have meant that Trump would have received two electoral votes and Clinton would have received four electoral votes.

In our close Nevada election this is fairer than Clinton receiving all six votes.

The electoral college gave a candidate with almost 2 million more popular votes the loss. It’s another gift for the Republican party who will now have two out of three presidencies in the first two decades of this century.

Do we continue to disregard the vote of the people as a whole?

Marilyn Hedges-Hiller

Churchill County



Yes, The election and campaigning is finally over.

How I miss Radio Shack, I need to find a new mute button for my TV remote. I’m looking forward to a positive outlook based on the idiotic results of (Clark & Washoe) county voters.

After all, marijuana will be flourishing and locally, our Supervisors are already back in form...Cheers

Michael Wile


electoral college’s will of people

Regarding Rick Van Alfen’s letter on Nov. 20, printing 100 times that Clinton won the popular vote would be helpful? How is that? Make you feel better, would it? Change the election? Nope.

The people’s choice always wins the presidency. Our government is a constitutional republic, a very fair system of representation. A democracy is nothing more than mob rule. The Electoral College function is to represent all of the people in every state. Not just a few highly concentrated areas.

There are a whole lot more Trump supporters that know what the Electoral College is than all of you progressive liberals put together. I win that bet, hands down.

If conservatives had lost the election, we would have done what we always do ... get up, go to work and try and do better next time. Liberals lose ... they riot in the streets! Every seen a conservative riot? Nope.

I’m sure if Trump had won the popular vote and lost the Electoral College, you would be screaming bloody murder and demanding that Trump be President. Yeah, right! You sir, are intellectually dishonest.

I said in 2010 that when progressive liberals are curled up in the corner, in the fetal position, frothing at the mouth, unable to speak, then America would again be on the path to greatness.

This election has been a total repudiation of all the liberal ideas that have harmed this great country. Do us all a favor ... return to your corner and froth yourself away!

Howard Deere

Carson City


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