Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016

Electoral College reflects will of the people

Regarding Rick Van Alfen’s letter on Nov. 20, printing 100 times that Clinton won the popular vote would be helpful? How is that? Make you feel better, would it? Change the election? Nope.

The people’s choice always wins the presidency. Our government is a constitutional republic, a very fair system of representation. A democracy is nothing more than mob rule. The Electoral College function is to represent all of the people in every state. Not just a few highly concentrated areas.

There are a whole lot more Trump supporters that know what the Electoral College is than all of you progressive liberals put together. I win that bet, hands down.

If conservatives had lost the election, we would have done what we always do ... get up, go to work and try and do better next time. Liberals lose ... they riot in the streets! Every seen a conservative riot? Nope.

I’m sure if Trump had won the popular vote and lost the Electoral College, you would be screaming bloody murder and demanding that Trump be President. Yeah, right! You sir, are intellectually dishonest.

I said in 2010 that when progressive liberals are curled up in the corner, in the fetal position, frothing at the mouth, unable to speak, then America would again be on the path to greatness.

This election has been a total repudiation of all the liberal ideas that have harmed this great country. Do us all a favor ... return to your corner and froth yourself away!

Howard Deere

Carson City


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