Letters to the editor for Sunday, Dec. 25, 2016

Wishing all a joyous season

I don’t care about your religious affiliation, your ethnicity, your color, or your sexual preference.

If you are offended by a greeting, a decorated tree, or a nativity scene, that’s your problem. Take a box of tissues, a coloring book, and some Play-Doh and go see a therapist.

To all the rest of the people of this world: Merry Christmas.

Michael Conroy

Carson City

Diversity in community should be honored

In reading Mr. Gill’s story, I cannot help but think that this feature was prompted because of the recent negative information about immigrants.

The article exposed the diversity in our community, and that people do not have to be afraid of those who hold different beliefs or look different from them.

I am a Mexican immigrant, the proud daughter of a Mexican immigrant. I fear for my father and the battles he will encounter, because of the negative views toward immigrants. His appearance is that of an “hombre,” as Mexican men have been described, but he’s so much more. He is a loving, full of life, hard-working, loyal husband, father, grandfather, employee and volunteer.

My father’s immigrant story is not uncommon, a story of struggle, perseverance, and success. He is a proud citizen of the United States of America!

The Nevada Appeal should continue to feature other cultures and personal stories to inform readers of the diversity in our community.

Reading about Mr. Gill and the Sikh culture was helpful for my family. We discussed the differences and meanings of the head-wear and learned a lot. I hope our community can see past the stereotypical views of immigrants, embrace the differences, and appreciate their contributions.

Yerania Martell

Carson City

Credit where credit is due

A recent letter from Dana Carvin talked about her positive experience with Catmandu and Kathy Rogers regarding a mom cat and her five kittens that were living in their shed and in need of rescue.

Catmandu was given far more credit than we deserve and would like to set the record straight.

Kathy Rogers, the expert trapper who spent many cold hours and worked into the night trapping mom and her babies, is not affiliated with Catmandu.

The manager of Community Cats in Reno for 11 years, she has founded an organization called Carson City Cat Colony Control that is working to help the feral and homeless cats of Carson City through Trap-Neuter-Release and information/assistance to residents with feral cat issues.

While we work with Kathy whenever possible to rescue and domesticate feral kittens and adoptable strays, the majority of her good works has nothing to do with Catmandu and everything to do with her dedication to helping feral cats. She is who we always call first when someone contacts us with a feral issue and refer people to her on a regular basis. She can be contacted at 775-636-1600 or by email at Carsoncitycatcolonycontrol@yahoo.com.

Our thanks to Kathy for going above and beyond to give this story a happy ending and to Dana Carvin and her family for caring and helping to rescue this little family of felines.

FYI — Mom and two of her kittens are still at Catmandu and hoping for forever homes of their own.

Linda Buchanan

Carson City

Speak up to elected representatives

In Washington, D.C. (aka The Swamp), there has been a cavalcade of shady deals and even shadier characters, putting money and power ahead of principle. Failure to investigate and prosecute the Clinton corruption would be a crime against justice and only guarantees that political corruption would multiply. Does Congress have the backbone for it? They don’t like passing judgment on their own. Adherence to our Constitution and the rule of law appears to be last on their list.

We are manipulated by corrupted language: the meaning of commonly used words is changed to control those who use them. Stop creating revolutionary emotionalism!

Congress has permitted large numbers of less-education people to move here from abroad and across our southern border to the detriment of our economy, workforce and environment. Changes to our welfare programs are absolutely necessary!

The Federal Reserve (neither federal nor does it have any reserves), created in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson, is unconstitutional and illegal. Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution states that only Congress has the power to issue, print and determine the value of currency. The Democrats betrayed this country by blocking an audit earlier this year. Just because the political winds have shifted, we cannot relax and hope that all will be OK. Sometimes our representatives’ evolution or “revelation” on issues coincides with adjusting the truth to get elected again. We have to be continual watchdogs and keep barking at their door, so bark: 1-800-833-6354.

Thelma Homer



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