Letters to the editor for Friday, Jan. 8, 2016

Accepting refugees is too risky

Around the world wherever you look, there are Muslims at war with their neighbors. Islam is at war with anyone who won’t bow to the caliphate, and who has been at war for 1,400 years. ISIS has declared war on the US! No, not in a conventional military operation, but by us granting them asylum while a holocaust is being perpetrated against Christians.

We do not have the resources to stop Islamic radicals from slipping into the country through the refugee settlement program.

The FBI has admitted to 900 ongoing investigations in 49 states, and yet the Obama administration wants to accept an additional 100,000. Wasn’t San Bernardino enough? Do we need an attack like Paris before our leaders come to their senses?

Stop the immigration at least until we are capable of a vetting system that’s proven fail safe.

Inga Silver

Carson City


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