Nevada Appeal at 150: Jan. 2, 1975: Top Nixon aides guilty of Watergate cover-up

Lawmakers and public figures expressed little surprise — or relish — today at the Watergate convictions of top Richard M. Nixon aides — John N. Mitchell, H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman. But Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman found it “disturbing” that the former president himself is free from prosecution.

“I still find it disturbing to think the one person the Judiciary Committee found to have led the Watergate cover-up has been placed beyond any accountability to our system of justice,” said the Brooklyn Democratic congresswoman who served on the committee’s impeachment panel.

She referred to President Ford’s pardon of Nixon from prosecution on any wrongdoing in the Watergate case, which forced Nixon from office.

Ford had no comment on the verdict and Nixon was expected to issue a statement later today.

The reaction was subdued. But most said justice had been served.

“It’s not a happy occasion,” said chief trial prosecutor James F. Neal, who resigned and headed for his Nashville home shortly after the verdict.

“We prosecuted as fairly ... as vigorously as we could.”

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.


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