Carson City business licenses

The following Carson City business licenses were filed in February.

A-OK Trailer Court, 2880 Highway 50 E., general business, Michael Woodruff, owner, 775-246-2508.

AAA Ultimate Pawn, 888 E. William St., general business, AAA Ultimate Pawn LLC, owner, 402-477-7003.

Abby’s Cleaning Services, 2308 Airport Road, general business, Adriana Iveth Navarro, owner, 775-203-3993.

ABL Chimney Sweep, out of town business, Reno, Gerald L. Squire, owner, 775-323-0376.

ACTS, out of town business, Sparks, ACTS, owner, 775-359-7308.

AGS LLC, out of town business, Las Vegas, AGS LLC, owner, 702-724-1176.

All Star bounce House Rentals, 1333 N. Lompa Lane, general business, Armando Avalos, owner, 775-291-7732.

All Star Glass, Starlite Glass, out of town business, Sparks, All Star Glass of Nevada Inc., owner, 619-275-5842.

Aloha Medicinals, 2300 Arrohwead Drive, general business, AMI Newco LLC, owner, 775-886-6300.

Attic Treasures and Gifts, 5210 Highway 50 E., Suite C, general business, JFMC LLC, owner, 775-230-4532.

Battle Born Harley Davidson, 2900 Research Way, general business, Hohl Motorsports Inc., owner, 775-882-7433.

Beach House, 284 Longridge Drive, general business, Amy’s Eden Senior Care LLC, owner, 775-884-3336.

Black Bear Diner, 900 S. Carson St., general business, 7 Bears LLC, owner, 702-812-5557.

Breakthru Beverage of Nevada Reno, out of town business, Sparks, Breakthru Beverage Nevada Reno, owner, 775-331-3400.

Builders Roofing Inc., out of town business, Sparks, Builders Roofing Inc., owner, 775-690-8996.

C. Tracy Muscari MD, 208 N. Curry St., general business, Tracy C. Muscari, owner, 75-443-4088.

Cactus Air Force LLC, 2600 College Parkway, Suite 33, general business, Cactus Air Force LLC, owner, 775-882-7717.

Carson Auto Sales, 1175 Fairview Drive, general business, Carson Auto Sales LLC, owner, 775-450-4736.

Carson Valley Signs, out of town business, Gardnerville, Gregory M. Deines, owner, 775-392-1092.

Chastanet, Justin Daniel, 071 S. Carson St., general business, Justin Daniel Chastanet, owner, 775-722-6337.

Cheek Construction LLC, out of town business, Fallon, Cheek Construction LLC, owner, 775-426-8802.

Clark Engineering & Design, 1808 E. William St., general business, Blake Clark, owner, 775-241-8801.

Conroy, Megan, 1801 E. William St., Suite B, general business, Megan Conroy, owner, 775-400-2929.

Cowboys Liquor, 444 E. William St., general business, Brand Dosanjh LLC, owner, 530-300-2927.

Credit Bureau Associates, out of town business, Fairfield, Calif., Kelstin Group Inc., owner, 707-429-3211.

David’s Company Lawn Services, 1616-1618 Brown St., general business, Micaela Fausto, owner, 775-291-1915.

Duefrene, Wendy, 400 S. Saliman Road, Suite 133, general business, Wendy Duefrene, owner, 775-301-6798.

Eez Handyman Services, out of town business, Gardnerville, Eric H. Guy, owner, 530-314-3836.

El Aero Services LLC, 2101 Arrowhead Drive, general business, El Aero Services LLC, owner, 775-738-7123.

Epic Crossing, 1263 S. Stewart St., general business, April L. Smith, owner, 775-742-2557.

Fairview Commons, 701 S. Carson T., Suite 200, general business, Linkside Place LLC, owner, 760-774-1048.

Fix N Dents, 2787 Carmine St., general business, Eric D. Retterer, owner, 916-660-2634.

Gifts & More $10 Store LLC, 1987 N. Carson St., Suite 65, general business, Gifts & More $10 Store LLC, owner, 775-315-8859.

Grady, Cliff, 59 Shady Tree Lane, general business, Cliff Grady, owner, 775-315-4259.

Hampton Inn & Suites Carson City, 10 Hospitality Way, general business, 10 Hospitality LLC, owner, 949-734-6420.

HD & Automotive Consulting LLC, 3600 Highway 50 E., general business, HD & Automotive Consulting LLC, owner, 775-297-3988.

Holocker, Jacquelynn R., 755 N. Roop St., Suite 102, general business, Jacquelynn R. Holocker, owner, 775-230-0552.

HRH Nevada Electrical Co., out of town business, Reno, Hossein Haghighi, owner, 775-745-5055.

Kanna, 8001 Highway 50 E., general business, 5 Seat Investments LLC, owner, 603-401-4303.

Keiley’s Cleaning Service, out of town business, Reno, Jessica Keiley, owner, 775-857-7919.

Leaphe, 4018 Etta Place, general business, Nicholas A. Vandermade, owner, 775-790-4272.

Marine Masters, 611 College Parkway, general business, Craig White, owner, 775-291-7188.

Mom & Pop’s Diner Inc., 224 S. Carson St., general business, Mom & Pop’s Diner Inc., owner, 775-884-4411.

Mountain West Aviation LLC, 2101 Arrowhead Drive, general business, Mountain West CXP LLC, owner, 775-738-7123.

National’s Cafe, 1701 N. Carson St., general business, Maria de Rea Cano, owner, 775-841-7377.

Nevada Windshield Repair LLC, 2528 Canter Way, general business, Nevada Windshield Repair LC, owner, 775-600-5330.

Nice N Handy, 809 Lexington Ave., general business, Kasey Nichols, owner, 775-350-5886.

Northern NV APA, out of town business, Dayton, Northern NV Billiards LLC, owner, 775-443-8844.

One Stop Food Mart, 3150 E. Nye Lane, general business, Bhavneet Corporation, owner, 775-882-1300.

Outfront Media LLC, 2400 E. William St., general business, Outfront Media LLC, owner, 209-466-5021.

Paul Eckert P.E. Professional, 2649 Blossom View Lane, general business, Paul Eckert, owner, 775-883-0610.

Perfect Ascent LLC, 1040 Spring Meadow Drive, general business, Perfect Ascent LLC, owner, 775-600-3006.

Performance Electric Company, out of town business, Sparks, Miller Electric Company Inc., owner, 775-750-8250.

Pho Country, 2495 N. Carson St., general business, Phong R. Tran, owner, 775-220-2010.

Phone Fix Center, 1621 E. William St., Suite E, general business, Game Cozy & Movies LLC, owner, 775-883-9999.

Ponderosa Roofing & Steel Work, 4949 Ponderosa Drive, general business, F&F Industries Inc., owner, 775-230-3642.

Praying Hands Cleaning Service, 1512-1514 Como St., general business, Sandra Paulina Vielma, owner, 775-685-0884.

Pressworks Ink, 580 Mallory Way, general business, Pressworks Ink, owner, 775-283-5534.

RCM Realty Group LLC, 320 N. Carson St., general business, RCM Realty Group LLC, owner, 775-841-7373.

Refcon LLC, out of town business, Sparks, Refcon LLC, owner, 775-224-6885.

Retro Replay, 200 E. Washington St., general business, Nicholas R. Posey, owner, 775-220-9533.

Royal Handyman Services, 2110 Idaho St., general business, Cody A. Harp, owner, 775-881-8901.

Ruiz, Mayra, 3206 Northgate Lane, general business, Mayra Ruiz, owner, 530-545-1693.

Salon Thairapy LLC, 628 E. John St., general business, Salon Thairapy LLC, owner, 754-061-3808.

Scotty’s Creams, 4559 Short Putt Road, general business, RLM Creams LLC, owner, 775-430-4391.

Shawn Nolan Painting, 1544 Harper Drive, general business, Shawn Nolan, owner, 775-315-6691.

Shear Designs, 444 E. William St., Suite 16, general business, Caresse D. Williams, owner, 775-882-4700.

Sierra’s Cakes and Cookies, 548 Briarwood Drive, general business, Sierra H. Asby, owner, 503-435-7764.

Steed Construction Inc., out of town business, Eagle, Idaho, Steed Construction Inc., owner, 208-378-7300.

Taco Bell, 3117 Highway 50 E., general business, SSB Highway 50 LLC, owner, 775-883-3991.

Taco Bell, 4050 S. Carson St., general business, SSB Carson LLC, owner, 775-841-2876.

Tahoe Western Asphalt LLC, 8013 Highway 50 E., general business, Tahoe Western Asphalt LLC, owner, 775-790-5090.

Tatt Handyman Services LLC, 3400 Highway 50 E., general business, Tatt Handyman Services LLC, owner, 775-301-7046.

The Cleaning Crew, out of town business, Dayton, John R. Keller, owner, 775-225-1879.

United Property Maintenance, 3108 Baker Drive, general business, Todd W. Thomsen, owner, 775-721-3070.

Vitamin Products LLC, 4610 Arrowhead Drive, general business, Vitamin Products LLC, owner, 775-720-0028.

Whole Dog Haven, 151 Clearview Drive, Suite 20, general business, Elisa L. Bandelin, owner, 775-762-7555.

Yochum, Jesika, 636 E. John St., general business, Jesika Yochum, owner, 775-720-0848.

Zallar Sewing Creations, 1011 W. Bonanza Drive, general business, Carolyn S. Zallar, owner, 949-887-8892.


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