Cheers & Kudos: CASI thankful to students for helping animals

What can kids do with spare change? Lot’s of things!

Nancy Cole’s fifth graders have decided that their change can help shelter animals.

Carson Animal Services Initiative, CASI, would like to thank Nancy and her students for once again filling a piggy bank on behalf of homeless animals.

Because of community support such as this, our new shelter will be able to provide a more humane environment to pets in need while they wait to be adopted or reunited with their families.

What’s in store for the $46.47 in the piggy bank? It will go toward the cost of fencing for the exercise play yard — one of several projects CASI donations is funding.

On behalf of shelter pets everywhere, thank you, Ms. Cole and your wonderful fifth graders! Knowing that compassion and generosity are included in what you teach brings smiles, purrs, and many tail wags.

For more information regarding upcoming events and ways you can help, please visit CASI’s web page at

Lisa Schuette

Carson Animal Services Initiative


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