The Popcorn Stand: This transplanted Californian takes pride in Nevada Day

As the Executive Assistant Editor of the Sierra Nevada Media Group Nevada Appeal Division Newsroom Branch, I always reflect as another Nevada Day has come just how important Nevada Day is to Nevadans, especially those in Carson City.`

I guess it makes since Nevada Day is so important to Carson City since the city is the state capital. And it always fascinates me it’s not called Admission Day. It’s called Nevada Day.

As a transplanted Californian (a couple of times), I remember as a kid we did have the day off from school for Admission Day. We didn’t call it California Day, we called it Admission Day.

Back then, school didn’t start until after Labor Day, so the first week of school, we normally had two days off, which was pretty cool. But then California — as most states — decided Admission Day wasn’t important enough to take a day off from school.

Not so in Nevada. We take pride in our heritage. (Notice as a transplanted Californian, I say “We”). Nevada is a wonderful state with wonderful people who have a lot to offer.

Of course much like the rivalry between Northern California and Southern California (as a resident of Central California, you generally took a side and I chose Northern California), we (again I say “we”) in Northern Nevada have a rivalry with Southern Nevada.

But we never forget we’re all Nevadans. Just like we never forget we’re all Americans. And Nevada’s story is an American story.

That’s why it’s so fascinating to me.

— Charles Whisnand


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